Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exotic Spa Therapies

Magic of Mewar

Indulge in a treatment that rejuvenates and revitalises, as you experience the ‘Magic of Mewar’. Start off with Honey Seed body scrub, in which black sesame seeds and other natural products combine with honey to make an excellent body cleanser. Follow it up by a full body massage, wherein the signature Oberoi massage use palms and fingertips to apply pressure with continuous strokes to stimulate blood circulation. The Ayur face message with mild aromatic facial oil then leaves the skin glowing. The finishing touch is provided by the calming Marigold flower bath before you emerge completely revitalised.

Indulge at: Oberoi Spa by Banyan Tree at The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur
Time Taken: Two and a half hours
Health Factor: Honey refreshes the skin and marigold has astringent properties, which leaves the skin feeling firm.

Dry Floatation

Increase your perception and awareness followed by deep relaxation over ‘Dry Floatation’. A floterium or a small room size tank containing warm saline water guarantees buoyancy, while the ceiling is lighted with optic fiber light and energising music. We recommend that you spend time in the darkness, isolating yourself from any kind of external stimuli. Floating not only helps in relieving pain, but also boosts energy, reduces blood pressure, eliminates addiction and releases toxins from the body. An hour of floatation is equal to four hour of sleep.

Indulge at: Amatra Spa, The Ashok, New Delhi
Time taken: 60 minutes
Health Factor: Relaxes the mind and increases sensitivity.

Kaivalya Spa

To beat the stress and enjoy an oasis in midst of dry land of Rajasthan, Kaivalya Spa is a respite for the travellers who come to Pushkar. Kaivalya actually a term from yoga that means total detachment. It portrays the yogi, who has attained kaivalya, as an entity who has gained independence from all bondages and achieved the absolute true consciousness. The spa is an integral part of Pushkar Resorts and a relaxation point where you can indulge in Jacuzzi, steam bath and the gentle exfoliation with full Aromatherapy body massage to rejuvenate the body as well as mind.

Indulge at: Kaivalya Spa
Time Taken: More than an hour
Health Factor: Relaxes the body, also treatment for patients suffering from bone and muscle problem.


Experience Alepa all on your own or in a group. You may apply the paste on yourself or on each other, for an interactive, engaging and bonding experience. As you linger in the vapours of the hammam, feel the steam moisten and soften your skin. Savour the sacred act of anointing the paste on your body yourself, by your companion or therapist, as you relax. Savour the sweet fragrance of essential oils and the contact of clay speckled with herbs. After the mud dries, spray yourself or your companion with rose water to soften the dry clay. To rinse off, step under the water ledge for an invigorating outdoor shower.

Indulge at: Jiva Spa at Taj Malabar, Cochin
Time Taken: 120 minutes
Health factor: Detoxifies, leaving you rejuvenated and the skin taut.


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