Friday, March 20, 2009

Love in the Air

When kite carry hidden love letters, they soar on more than the wind.

In India kite flying season, which starts in April, tends to peak with Independence Day. but going by Old Delhi lore, there was something more than kites soaring. kite flying season in the Walled City is also known as lover's season and Independence Day is when this season of romance reaches its pinnacle.

Chunna Ja, Mirza Ghalib's dancer lover, used to receive romantic couplets on kites. Ghalib himself used to make the kites and fly them from his haveli in Gali Qasimjan. Though the romance didn't materialise on the ground.


Even today, the young girls are seen roaming around on their rooftops - at least safer off than in some dingy corner in the intertwining Old Delhi streets. These girls accept messages ti fix the point of meeting place, there are lines from Hindi movies. Usually the girl play safe by not replying to the messages. May be a glance is enough!

Sometimes, the girls are with companions. The lover too is vigilant as to who is beside his sweetheart on the rooftop. If it is her mother, father or brother, he indulges in an ordinary kite flying match, where he tries to cut the string of another's kite with his skill.

With or without hidden secrets, Old Delhi's kite-flying is a unique spectacles. Kites of all hues and sizes can be seen in all the localities. Various kind of kites such as Tiranga, Pari, Chand-tra, Kal chura, Bhedia, Shakrapara, Puncchal, Angara, Nagdara and others.


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