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Kalimpong in West Bengal – North Bengal Tourist Resort

Kalimpong is a small town set at an altitude of 1800m on the Bhutan-Tibet-Sikkim border on the eastern part of Darjeeling. In the ancient time, it was an important trading centre when trading between Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim were very much active. Later on, the fantastic climate of Kalimpong town in West Bengal attracted British, who later set up their establishment here. The relics of British era such as Graham's home, the Morgan House, Golf Course are still speaking the glory of Kalimpong town in West Bengal.

The most exciting is the off course the journey that starts from Siliguri passing through the dense forest of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. This is 64km journey and must be driven carefully. It is a beautiful place where there are a lot of chances to see elephant, bison and tiger. Fleeing deer and colorful flight of peacock are surely enthralling travelers. The journey through the sanctuary ends at Sevok and suddenly travelers expose to a huge canvas painted with forested hills, mighty river and vast river basin. The Teesta River will accompany travelers to Tista Bazaar. From Teesta Bazaar you will have to take a sharp upward turn through the meandering roads toward Kalimpong in West Bengal.

Welcome to Kalimpong! The dense forests, lone roads, distant vision of mighty Himalayas, vast valleys, green meadows, it is indeed a heaven of the eastern part of India. Not only nature but the culture and tradition of Kalimpong are also a nice thing to experience. Kalimpong in West Bengal is a major center for traditional handicrafts, thanka paintings, metal crafts, Tibetan and Leptcha jewelries, wooden mask and other indigenous products. A large number of tourist throughout the year flock to this small town for its unique beauty.

Places of Interest in Kalimpong in West Bengal

1) Durpin Dara – Nestled at an altitude of 1402m is located 3km from the town. It is an observatory point where you can have breathtaking view of Himalayas. Durpin Dara is the highest point in Kalimpong that can be accessible by car from Kalimpong.

2) Pedong Monastery – Pedong monastery is established in 1837, near the Damsang fort. It was made by Bhutanese king and situated just near the Damsang Fort.

3) Flower Nurseries – Kalimpong is famous for exotic flora. There are number of known and unknown species of flowering plants can be found in the nurseries. Also if you are an orchid lover, it is the right place for you.

4) Mangal Dham – recently made, the place is revered among local people, especially popular among tourist for its wonderful architecture.

5) Dr. Graham’s House – Established by Dr. John Anderson in 1900 on the lower slopes of Deola Hills. A fine educational institute is made in a sprawling campus of 500 acres. very year in the month of May a gala festival called May Fair is organised here.

Places of Attractions in and around Kalimpong
1)Lava - Distance-30 km
3)Pedong - Distance 20km
4)Darjeeling- 56km
5) Gangtok - 85km


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