Friday, May 15, 2009

Practice Spiritual Meditation in India

When the mind is balanced and well intense, the supreme self of man is perceptible. When mind is not balanced we only see the apparent man and all the cardinal sins seems prominent in us When, however, the mind becomes cleared, the inner self in otherwise the real man in ourselves comes out in its true self and we do not need to give an effort to recognize that.

If our mind is disturbed, we aren’t able to see things in proper lights. But how in this tumultuous world we prevent the mental disturbance? The Indian meditation practice helps us to attain this stage. Our mind is made of different impressions of our deeds and again these impressions are done because of our lower nature. We can say that the lower natures of man that are selfishness, anger, ambition, desire are all manifestation of ego. The terrible ‘I’ that sowed within us actually governs us from day to night. Unknowingly we think that we are doing well for us and our loved ones but that’s actually sheer immaturity. These natures are like waves that come and go and disturbs our serene lake of mind. Only through intense concentration of mind towards our inner self can pacify the disturbance. Indian meditation practice helps us to attain this stage.

Why we suffer?

When somebody say some bad words to us, it is first outside of us, then it penetrates inside us and as a result we grow angry. At first anger and we are separate entity but soon we become one. It is because anger can easily harmonized with our real nature and we suffer. Only way to avoid this thing is through a sound meditation practice. Indian meditation practice bestows us all the golden rules to start a new journey.

The mind falls naturally into three general states: the mute condition, the hyper condition or scattered state and the peaceful and focused state. These are three qualities of state of mind. These qualities are innate in every living being and manifest in human mind as conscious, subconscious and superconscious state.

How the Mind Becomes Pure?

Many meditation practice of west advocates on focusing mind on some external and simple object first. But Indian meditation practice says that mind should always be focused on inner self. The abode of God we must quest for that. Limit your mind to external object is actually a low form of concentration. Meditation without spiritual awaking gives very little or no result. Scientific study shows that every brain composition is same and there is no such type that one brain is superior to other. Only thing separate us from each other intellectually is the subtle power of mind. Our mind is powerhouse of infinite strength, infinite wisdom, and infinite love. Those who control their mind can control over world. Therefore, we should always concentrate on our inner self. If we continuously practice in this way, we will gradually able to take out our nature that is our Ego. We should concentrate to remove our Ego because ego is only the force behind anger, selfishness, worldly desires, tension and many other vices.

The baffled mind is like a single thread: it can easily be broken; but the concentrated mind is like many pieces of thread twisted together: it is difficult to break. Therefore, we must govern our thoughts and hold them steadily on the object of our concentration. Indian meditation practice is the only way to attain ultimate bliss.

List of Meditation Institutes in India

Vipassana International Academy
Postbox No. 6, Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri 422403, Disst. Nasik Nasik,
India Yoga Centre

Academy of Meditation World Centre of Spiritual Regeneration Movement
Sankaracharya Nagar P.O. Swaraagashram Rishikesh,
India Yoga Centre

Brahma Kumario Ishwari Vidyalaya Meditation Centre
Pandav Bhavan Mt. Abu

Institute of Physical & Spiritual Research
11, Sarsdar Patel Marg New Delhi India
Yoga Institute

Tushita Meditation Centre
McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala Kangra District,
Himachal Pradesh 176 219 India


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