Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wild Holidays in India

The Great Indian Elephant Safari – Elephant safari is most wonderful way to venture into the wild territories and there is no better place than Arunachal Pradesh. Eastern Arunachal Pradesh is green and has dense forested cover. The elephant safari starts from Chongkham (130 km from Dibrugarh), a tiny cluster of villages in Lohit district, and the safari continue through thick forest to the small town of Wakro, and then to Miao, beyond that lays majestic Namdapha Tiger Reserve. It is one of the obscure forest reserves in India. The forest landscape is crisscrossed by small streams and rivers, and all of them lie in the Mishmi and Patkai hill ranges of the Eastern Himalayas.

Birding Adventure – Harike, a small place in Punjab, just an hour drive from Amritsar is a different world for birds, if not human. The place is also considered as one of the important wetlands of India. The wetland was created when in 1953, when a barrage was constructed at the confluence of the Beas and Sutlej rivers. The avifaunas are well spread over the marshy shallow area. Over 368 species of migratory and domiciled birds have been recorded here. There is one big problem arise when the water hyacinth which chokes the water and industrial pollutants dumped in the rivers also harm the fish and bird life.

Trek in the Jungle – Walking along the line of beasts is the best way to imbibe in the thrilling adventure. Although it is not possible for travellers in most of the national parks in India but there are small wildlife sanctuaries, which are equally thick forested, and where walking is allowed. One of these sanctuaries is Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary, in Kerala’s Thrissur district. This sanctuary is spread across 85 sq km on the western slopes of the Nelliyampathi hills of the Western Ghats. The forest is a home to sloth bear, elephant, deer, bonnet macaque and over 160 bird species. There are thousands of smaller creatures too, the most colourful of which are the butterflies – Blue Mormon, Sword Tail and the Southern Birdwing, India’s largest butterfly. The trekking is not so easy affair in this sanctuary, there are arrangement of tents surrounded dense forest.

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