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Information On Himalayan Trekking

What’s Trekking?

The word trekking means multi - day hiking trips through rural, rugged territory. It involves moving on foot in a non - structured manner, in a group. Trekking involves a lot of things, like interacting with the nature, navigating a mountain. Trekking, as an adventure sport in India is not very old. However, still it has gained wide acceptance and popularity amongst tourists. The reason for this is that the country is blessed by Mother Nature with beauties. There are brilliant green meadows, dense pine forests, fruit orchards, snow capped peaks and rushing streams to fascinate the onlookers.

Be it north or south, east or west, India has a series of breathtaking trekking trails.
While passing through these bounties of nature, your eyes feast on the beauties while your soul gets an opportunity to rejuvenate in the freshness of the surroundings. Walking past various villages or small hamlets, you interact with different people. Their way of living, stories, culture and tradition have much to make you feel that a trip is worth all the effort made.

Trekking Grades
Three Kind Of Trekking Grades are recognized in Trekking:
» Grades 1 - 3 - Easy Grades : Also known as Easy Grades these are for the beginners or for an average level of fitness of people. These usually do not exceed 3500 meters of height, provide a good view of the Himalayas and can be taken up by teenagers too.

» Grades 4 - 6 - Medium Grades: Known as medium grades, these are a challenge for the beginners. Approaching a maximum height of 5000 meters, these higher, tougher and more exhilirating than the 1-3 graders. People of all ages can go for these. The medium grade trekking usually last for fourteen days.

» Grades 7- 10 - Hard Trekking: The hard treks assume a height of 6000 meters and are the toughest among the group. Covering the remote and the undeveloped heights, these require exceptional fitness - above than the average. Aged people and children are not allowed for the Hard Treks due to the peculiar weather conditions of the heights.

Conquering the Giants
Trekking safely captures the top spot in tourist's list of things to do. Set amidst the highest and youngest mountain range in the world, there is an overflow of well defined trekking tracks in Jammu and Kashmir. The state is the best known trekking region in the whole country. All tracks are surrounded by such exquisite sceneries, that you will spend double the time that is actually required to cover the track. These trek routes also prove to be a great way to exploring the real life in the many villages of the state that adorn these routes. Of all the three regions in the state, the best region for trekking undoubtedly is Ladakh. The best thing about trekking here is that you need not be a professional or an experienced trekker. Definitely, Himalayas are one of the toughest ranges to trek on due to the extreme climatic conditions, but these giants also have many gentle slopes that are the best tutors any learner can ever get. Before starting your trek tour, there are few things that you must know about trekking and the state as a whole.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is of paramount importance for trekking. Before embarking on a trip, you must give yourself ample time to adjust to local climate of the state. This is because the climate of Himachal is very coarse. Select your trek routes depending upon your physical fitness. Trek plans can be modified to suit your level of energy. The starting and the end destinations can be the same, still the entire plan can be reworked upon.

Environment Protection
Last but not the least; you should take care of the environment and surroundings. Ecology is extremely delicate, so be very careful not to disturb it while trekking through the areas. Be especially cautious about disposing of waste; carry out all tins, bottles, altogether don’t leave rubbish behind you. Whether you prefer an easy low altitude trek for simple fun or difficult high altitude trek for real challenge, trekking is an adventure sport which gives you pleasure and enjoyment of a lifetime in an adventurous way.


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    Because the Himalayas, home of the snow, is the most impressive system of mountains on the earth, and for centuries the setting for epic feats of exploration and mountain climbing / treks.

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