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Wildlife Travel In Rajsthan - Ranthambore National Park

Basic Facts
Location – It lies in the state of Rajasthan, 450km south west of Delhi, 185km from Jaipur.
How to Reach: The nearest airport is Jaipur and the closest railhead is Sawai Madhopur, 11km away.
When to Visit – The summer is the best season to see wild animals. The peak season is March. However, it is more convenient to visit on the winter month months.
Ranthambore Opening Hours - Safaris run for three hours from dawn and again from around 3 p.m. The park is closed from July 1 to October 1 due to the monsoon rains.
Ranthambore Cost - The park entrance fee is 200 rupees ($4.50) for foreigners. There is also an entrance fee of 125 rupees ($3) per vehicle. A guide costs 150 rupees ($3.50). Vehicle hire charges are additional.
Ranthambore Hotels – There are very hotels inside and outside the sanctuary. Some of the best hotels and resorts are Ranthambore Regency, TigerMoon Resort, Ranthambore Bagh, Khem Villas, Aman-I-Khas tent resort.

Ranthambore National Park is one of the most illustrious parks in India, widely famous for illusive Royal Bengal Tigers. The park is located in the eastern Rajasthan in the middle part of Aravali Mountain and Vindhyan plateau. Moreover, two rivers Chambal in the south and Banas in the north further beautify the place. The central attraction of the park is six men made lakes that winding through the entire park. Most of the forests are covered by dry deciduous flora with plenty of ancient Banyan trees, Dhok and Pipal trees enshrouded the area. The massive rock structures, steep scarps and small shrubs of different kinds make the place a royal retreat of beasts.

Ranthambore National Park is mainly known for tigers. Though tigers are rarely seen but there is an estimation of 40 tigers in the park. There are other numerous rare wild animals found in the park such as leopards, stripped hyenas, sloth bears, Indian wild boars, flying foxes, Indian false vampires, Indian porcupines, small Indian Mongoose and many others. Other than that there are 50 aquatic plants, 272 bird species, and 12 reptiles’ species.

Park Safari Timings in Ranthambore National Park:

Months Morning Afternoon
October-March 0600-0900 21500-1800 hrs
April-June 0630-0930 hrs 1530-1800 hrs

Travel Information
Summer: Light Tropical
Winter: Light Woolen
Months Morning Afternoon
October-March 10-15 º Celsius 20-25 º Celsius
April 20-25 º Celsius 30-35º Celsius
May-June 30-35 º Celsius 40-45 º Celsius

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