Saturday, July 25, 2009

India – A New Angler Destination

India with countless rivers and streams, offers vast opportunities for sport fishing and angling. Not matter whether you are novice or a professional angler with the latest tackle, all you have to need is patience. The best time for fishing is from October to November and mid February to mid May when rivers and streams are replete with all collection of fishes. But nothing is compare with mighty Mahseer. The majestic Mahseer is to fishing what the tiger or elephant hunt was to big game hunting.

India has a coastline of more than 3000 km and an estimated 55000 km of lakes, streams, rivers, tributaries and reservoirs. With this huge amount of water resources at its disposal, it is an ideal destination for fishing. There are strong effort put by department of fisheries of various states to promote fishing as an attractive tourism. The biggest advantage in India is that all the major rivers are sited in easily reachable places and near major cities. Some major rivers and its tributaries where fishing can be enjoyed are Mahanadi, Yamuna, Kaveri, Ganga, Brahmaputra, Sutlej, and Teesta.

The most common fishes for angling are golden mahseer, silver mahseer, silver grey mahseer, black mahseer, trout, rohu, katla, brown trout and others. The coastal water also have some amazing species like sea bass, mackerel, marlin etc.

The biggest myth is that the best fishes are found in the remotest streams or rivers. All you need is the experience and knowledge of fishing because every fish has different traits and breeding seasons. Also in India fishing need a permit from the tourism and fisheries department of the state in which you intend to go fishing. Fishing license are not issued during the breeding season.

Some Good Places For Sport Fishing

Himachal Pradesh – Streams feeding the Beas river is well known for brown trout.
Uttar Pradesh – The best is Dodital lake nestled between the Himalayan peaks is best for different types of trouts.
South India – Cauvery Fishing Lodge neat Mysore is a great place to catch Mahseer. In Kerala streams around the hill stations of Munnar are ideal for fishing.
Kashmir – Indus and Lidder rivers are major point of fishing. You can also fish in one of many high altitude lakes (14000 ft).


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