Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Holiday Spots in Gujarat

Spa and Golfing break, Gandhinagar - Take a blissful relaxation at the Cambay resort in Gandhinagar, Gujarat's premier spa resort. on offer is an exhaustive menu of treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated like never before -choose from a wide range of ayuvedic techniques, sweedish and Balinese massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, scrubs, wraps, baths, facila and even yoga and meditation. Cambay Spa& resort is located 15km from the airport.
• Prehistoric Tour Of Balasinor - Spend a fun weekend with the kids in the town of Balasinor, home to a record cache of prehistoric fossils including fossilised dinosaur eggs thta weigh more than five kilos and have a diameter of over 30cm. visit the Raiyoli site near Balasinor, considered one of the three largest dinosaur sites in the world. Against the setting of a fossil site among th ancient volcanic rocks, your prehistoric safari is sure to exite you. You cans tay at Garden Palace Hotel, little expensive but worth to stay.

Horse Riding Break At Danta - Mahipendra Singh, the former ruler of Danta, runs his country house, the Bhavani Vila, as a heritage property. Besides lots of horse talk and information from a man who is passionate about India's equine breeds, guests can go riding in his 108 acre wooded estate where he keeps his Marwari horses. For accomplished riders, a cross country horse safari in the surrounding hilly countryside can be a superb experience. You can stay at Bhavani Villa that cost about Rs 5000 that includes meals, horse safari and picnic arrangement.

Architectural Trail - The 11th and 12th century Solanki Rajput reign over Gujarat ushered a golden period of architecture in the state. Start from Ahmedabad and visit the 11th century Sun Temple of Modhera, with astopped tank featuring 108 small shrines. Continue to Patan, which has a huge 11th century stepwell with superb sculptures of the Vishnu avatars, deities and apsaras along the seven storey stairway to the water level. Up ahead, Kumbhariyaji houses a cluster of five Jain Temples built between 1064 and 1132 AD, while Taranga's sandstone Jain Temple is among Gujarat's largest. Return to Ahmedabad via the 12th century fortified town of Vadnagar. You can stay at Balaram Palace Resort.


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