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Durga Puja - Integral Part Of Bengali's Culture

Durga Puja reminds a pleasant weather, the luxuriant foliage, mild fragrance of shiuli, the chanting mantras, titillating people, and the ambiance is simply perfect for any festivals.

The Worship of Durga in the autumn is one of the most important festivals in India and holds a lot of prominence for Bengali’s. Durga Pooja in Bengal is also called as AkalBodhan (untimely awakening of Durga). One gets to see the most emphatic celebrations in the state. The festival can be sensed with the squirt of its fanfare. During these 4-5 days whole Bengal embellishes in its best attires. The whole city is set to look as a bride.

Durga Pooja is the major festival of Bengal; even people who reside abroad come to their home state to celebrate the puja in their traditional way with pomp and glory. People fancify them in their traditional attires and ornaments to look more prettify. And this is also the time to taste the sumptuous cuisine of Bengal.

Religious Significance

Durga, in Sanskrit means” she who is inexplicable or manifestation of the absolute power.” The idol of Durga signifies the victory of good over evil. According to a legend, the demon Mahisasur who started ravaging the whole world and wanted to uproot the celestial Devas, gave a reason to Devas to combine their powers to create a beautiful maiden and then god emerged in the form of female. Deity Durga is revered in numerous forms in India as Lakshmi, Kaali, and Saraswati. Durga also varies from place to place. Goddess Durga is celebrated as Dussehra in south India whereas Navratri in North India.

Celebration Of Durga Puja In India

North India

People of Northern India celebrate Navratri with great ardor. Strict Devotees take milk only for seven days. And on the eighth day they revere girls and invite them to eat and commend gifts. Unlike Bengali’s they strictly extricate meat, alcohol, and other intoxication.

West India

In Gujarat, people worship Goddess durga in the form of Amba Mata. They celebrate the festival by playing the sticks known as Dandia, a dance form which is played in public squares, open grounds and streets.

East India

In West Bengal Durga Puja is celebrated as a Sharad Navratri. They celebrate it by making the splendid and gigantic clay idols of Durga and by creating exquisite Durga Puja Pandals.

South India

In the southern states of India especially Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, sharad navratri is celebrated by inviting guests to their place and they all enjoy the festivities.And in Karnataka It is celebrated in a grand style when elephants flaunts with jewelries and colorful robes paraded on the streets.

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