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Charminar - Hyderabad Famous Tourist Monument

Graceful Charminar
The most popular landmark in Hyderabad is the Charminar, a historic monument with four graceful minarets. Built two years after the founding of Hyderabad to mark the end of an epidemic in the city, it is often referred to as the Arc of Triumph of the east. Its central structure soars to a height of 180 feet.

Most of the fabled Hyderabad bazaars are located around the Charminar. A few steps from this spot is the Laad Bazaar which is well-known for its attractive bangles in different colors and designs.

Hyderabad typical road side scenario
The city’s pearl trade also originates at this place. The rough estimate of the annual turnover of the trade is around is Rs 3 billion. The old Bazaar throbs with the hectic trading of pearls, lac bangles and all other accessories to adorn a Hyderabadi bride.

History Of Charminar

The end of the 16th century saw the royal residence of the Qutb Shahi dynasty at Golconda facing a water shortage, which resulted in the change of headquarters to the fresh city of Hyderabad. In 1687, Hyderabad was overrun by the Mughal Emperor, Aurangazeb. The Mughals installed viceroys. The death of Aurangazeb saw the Hyderabad taken over by the viceroy Asaf Jah in 1724; the dawn of Nizams. With this, Hyderabad became the centre of art, music and learning.

The Nizam dynasty survived numerous threats, The British and French came in and by 1800, the British managed to establish military barracks.

In 1908, severe flooding destroyed several parts of Hyderabad causing rebuilding of the city. With independence in 1947, amidst some resistance, the state of Hyderabad finally became a part of the Indian Union.

Famous Attractions Of Charminar

Birla Mandir of Hyderabad
Birla Mandir: Birla Mandir is one of Hyderabad’s major attractions. Built at an altitude of 280 feet on the high Naubat Pahad overviewing the picturesque Hussain Sagar, The temple of Lord Venkateswara is built with 2000 tonnes of white marble. The magnificent architecture of the temple is a synthesis of North and South Indian styles. The main temple is a blend of the Khajuraho and Bodh Gaya of North Indian and Rajagopuram and Garudalaya of South Indian architecture. The main deity is a magnificent nine and a half feet high granite idol.

Golconda Fort: It is located at a distance of 13km from Hyderabad, is a magnificent structure that reflects the genius of its builders with walled enclosures and palaces on a hillock. The origin of the Fort city is traced back to the Yadavas of Devagiri and the Kakatiyas of Andhra. The significant features of the Golconda Fort include 87 bastions and over 69 feet high eight gates, Kohinoor diamond; two guns of about 20 feet in length, which were part of Aurangzeb’s artillery, are still found at the Fort. There is a Son er Lumiere show at the fort at 7 pm from March to October and at 6:30 pm from November to February.

Golconda Fort
Mecca Masjid: Mecca Masjid, the largest historical mosque in south, located near Charminar, was built by the sixth Kutub Shahi King in 1614. The final finishing was, completed by the Mughal King Aurangazeb. The beautiful mosque can accommodate at a time nearly 10,000 people for offering their prayers.

Legend has it that some bricks brought from Mecca, were used in the construction of the central arch of this mosque.

Salar Jung Museum: The Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad is the repository of the artistic achievements of diverse European, Asian and Far Eastern countries of the world. The museum houses a grand collection of antiques and other articles of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Don't miss the Hyderabadi biryani with tamarind sauce
The museum is a real treasure of antiques and there are paintings, weapons, porcelain, carpets, furniture, toys, clocks, fabrics, howdahs, jewellery, sculpture, rare manuscripts and many other artifacts in the museum.

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