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Kerala – An Ayurvedic Destination

Want to spend a vedic holiday in an unimaginable peaceful ambiance? Kerala a mecca of tourism and ayurveda is also famous for its heavenly backwaters, seducing beaches and traditional medicinal therapies. There are chains of hotels, spa and resorts welcome tourists from across the world for yoga and ayurvedic treatment. There are five stars hotels like Kozhikode Taj Residency, which has full fledged treatment center run by doctors and masseurs. For their professional treatments, these star hotels are also called as hospital attached to a luxury hotels.
Ayurvedic treatment demand time and thats why most of the hotels and resorts doesn’t offer weekend packages. The shortest one is week long package. The treatment is a serious business, moreover patients are discouraged from sightseeing while treatment. At these ‘hospitals’ first patient are diagnosis and according to that they prescribe the necessary therapies. Therapies ranging from herbal oil massages, poultice applications, fomentations, the five point detoxification or panchkarma, which includes enemas and purgation, medication and a strict diet.

Apart from ayurveda patients are also given an intensive yoga lesson. Yoga schedule is tight and people get little time for tourist temptations. The schedule may look regimented, but that’s where a hotel differ from a hospital. The well appointed treatment rooms make guests forget that they are patients,as they surrender themselves to the expertise of the masseurs.

Food is also play an important part in the vedic treatment. Ayurvedic cuisines have the restrictions, no flesh, no sour, no spices and of course no liquor. It sounds unappetizing but chefs in hotels are alsways ready to take the tough challenge. Over seven years, they have come up with a variety of dishes-Indian, Continental and Chinese that abide by ayurvedic restrictions but in the same time scrumptious.

Patients throng to the hotels and spa during the time of monsoon, most of the patients are here on long term treatment packages of up to 42 days. Not all the problem can be completely cured but they can at best be managed and prevented from worsening. Patients are given a year long medicinal dose after the initial treatment.

Some Ayurvedic Treatments

Pizhichil - A special rhythmic massage using warm herbal oil. Time taken is from 60 to 90 minutes and extend from 7 to 21 days. Effective to cure rheumatic and nervous disorders. Boost virility.
Njavaraakizhi - This is a traditional method of sudate the certain part of the body by application of boluses wrapped in muslin and soaked in warm medicated oil. Treatment is very effective against rheumatism, joint aches, high blood presure, cholesterol and skin diseases.
Sirodhara - Pouring herbal oils, medicated milk or buttermilk on the forehead for 40 minutes over seven to 21 days. Effective against insomnia, memory loss, headsches and stress realted diseases.
Vasthi – Medicated enema-herbal oils and extracts are applied through the rectum daily for five to 25 days. Effective against paralysis, numbness, gastric disorders and chronic constipation.
Sirovasthi – warm herbal oil is poured into the cap fitted on the head for 15 minutes for seven days. Effective against facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat and severe headache.
Nasayam – herrbal oil is applied through the nostrils for seven to 14 days. Ideal for those suffering from sinusitis, headaches and mental disorders.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Beauty

Slimming program - herbal powder and oils are used to massage twice every day for 28 days. Also therapy include steam bath, ayurvedic diet, herbal juices and tea.
Body purification therapy – Detoxify the body by herbal massage, steam bath and ayurvedic diet.
Rejuvenation Therapy – Refreshes the body, enhance virility and vitality and reduce stress.

Common Diseases Cure By Ayurveda

• Rheumatism
• High blood pressure
• Skin diseases
• Stress related diseases
• Gastric disorders
• Paralysis
• Obesity
• Sinusitis
• Mental disorders
• Chronic constipation
• Nervous disorders

Ayurvedic Treatment Cost/ Price of ayurvedic and yoga therapy in Kerala

For Eurpoean typically for one treatment, it would cost 229 Euro. Sometimes it would 90-100 Euro package also. Slimming program and body purification therapy cost heavy, anything 600 Euro to 1000. In pound it would cost almost 300 pound and in for US resident it would cost almost 600 dollars. For Indian however, cost is quite less.

How to reach? Location of Kerala. Travelling to kerala

Air- There is three airports in the state - Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode. Thiruvananthapuram is also an international airport, connecting the state to many places in India and the world.
Rail: There are as much as 200 railways stations in Kerala connecting most of the places in the state to places in the other parts of India and inside the state.
Road - An extensive network of metalled roads connects most of the places in the state. National highways 47, 17, and 49 connect Kerala with other parts of India.


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    Kerala boasts to be one of the best destinations in India. Tourists from India as well as foreign countries love to travel this exciting place almost every season of the year. Thanks for outlining all the Ayurvedic treatment places. It would help many people to go there and heal their pain. Within the lush greenery, beaches, and famous backwaters, the tourists can find it the best place far from the monotonous busy lifestyle. I am too planning to go there this coming monsoon. Hope it would be a memorable sojourn for me.

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