Monday, March 1, 2010

New Releases – Books, Reflect Indian Sentiments In A True Sense

• Title – Can You Hear The Night Bird Call?
Author – Anita Rau Badami
Publisher – Penguin Viking

This captivating book narrates the stories of three different women- Bibiji, Leela and Nimmo, who are intricately connected in love and tragedy with each other, over a span of fifty years. Their stories and lives collide with one another sweeping from the Partition to explosion of Air India flight 182 in 1985. Written with lyrical splendor and filled to the brim with poignancy, Anita Rau Badami’s capability of absorbing like a sponge, the sights, smells and sounds from her surroundings and weaving them into a story, has in a way recreated the magic, much s her previous bestseller Tamarind Mem.

• Title – A Poem For Cry: Favorite Poems of famous Indians
Compiled & Edited: Avanti Maluste & Sudeep Doshi
Publisher: Penguin Viking

An experience entirely unusual is what this book will give you. Maluste and Doshi, two brilliant youngsters endeavored and made their dream come true of creating this extraordinary compilation. It consists of favorite poems of famous Indians, living in India and abroad, ranging from the world of entertainment to sports, politics, corporate, literature and more… they are all her to share their favorite piece with us!

• Title – Saying From The Bhagvad Gita
Complied: Ashok Dilwali
Publisher: Niyogi Books

In the Indian epic Mahabharata, Arjuna lost control over his nerves when he had to fight his blood relations, mentors and illustrious teachers at the battlefield. Lord Krishna, in the avatar of Arjuna’s charioteer understood his despondency and advised him what he should be doing. This sermon by Lord Krishna, known as the Bhagvad Gita, is held in the highest esteem by the Hindus and others alike.

• Title: Saying From The Vedas
Complied By: Ashok Dilwali
Publisher: Niyogi Books

The word Vedas derived from the root ‘Vid’ means ‘to know’. It indicates a vast body of sacred knowledge revealed by the supreme God to the rishis while there meditating at the time creating life. Today the nectar of the Vedas is restricted to scholars and priests. This book makes a humble attempt to fuse the verses with nature photographs and distill the essence of the holy books for the benefit of the common man.


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