Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Indian Contemporary Fashion Statement

If there has been one fashion story this year, then it has been bold, vibrant color. From bright rani pinks to loud neon greens; mixing and juxtaposing many colors has been the style mantra of the season. But of course, fashion always goes around in circles, so next year you can be sure that things will be less cheerful. There will be a more severe and darker take on style next spring. Two colors that nay have predicted to be the rage of the season are black and purple. Both have very bold yet mysterious connotations.

Fashion has become more serious and it’s about toning down the color without being boring. So if you want to stay one step ahead of the trend cycle, start looking for darker colors.

While Bohemian Chik ruled this year, look out for more classic cuts next year. Women will find that trousers will be straighter, jackets will make a comeback and the shirt is in for a revival. For men “bespoke” details such as pocket detailing and button through cuff will be the sign of a well dressed man. The suit is cut slim and close to the waist. All these styles lend themselves to the color black. And let’s face it, if clothes become more tailored, they will be less forgiving. Black will compensate for this anything in black just makes you look slimmer. According Kolkata based designer Shantanu Goenka, “black is universal color, after which comes red or white; people from every age to every gender wear these basic colors.”

Wearing colors such as black, purple and burgundy may seem a bit heavy for the daytime. You just need to remember not to wear dark shades from head to toe; to keep your look current, mix and match darker shades with neutrals or light colors. Dark bottoms always work well on pear shaped women, and at work men should keep things on the muted and darker side anyway, it looks more professional.

Traditional Twist


Since India is known for its bright colors and love of everything vibrant, going dark when it comes to traditional wear, may seem a little incorrect. For men there is nothing more classic than a Bandhgala in black, you add that touch of color by going for colored buttons and look for a bright lining, a suggestion of color will add some youthful individuality to your look.

For women, a black sari has the same look. Obviously for a wedding a black sari would not be the correct attire, but purple, burgundy and Prussian blues work well. Though purple may be in fashion, it’s a color that not many can carry, so do be careful when choosing an outfit in purple. Again go in for more tonal or not too high contrast embroidery and embellishments. You mustn’t look boring, but nor do you want to look too loud.


  • Contemporary Indian Designers says:
    December 10, 2011 at 2:38 AM

    Agree that the bright colours are the trend. The Bandgala's for men is certainly a must-have for any elegant and classy evening out. Do not necessarily agree about the black saree, probably something bolder like red's and orange's do it for us!

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