Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 4 New Delhi’s Art Galleries You Don't Want To Miss

In a quiet revolution that’s passed almost unnoticed by the well hoi polloi, New Delhi has not only become the capital of modern and contemporary art, but its most happening events now centre around it as well. Of course, not everyone has a reason to celebrate. The distinction that Mumbaikars were more exposed and better educated in matters of art has now been debunked and along with Delhi’s serious buying power, has resulted in a proliferation of art galleries spread throughout the city.

Naren Bhiku Ram Jain’s Art Mall 

Located at the Mukherjee Nagar, is a three capacious floors of mostly mediocre art that the promoter hopes will attract the masses. In apartments and garages, just as the fashion designers had once opened boutiques tacky galleries are chasing the hope of big money and bigger artists.

Delhi Art Gallery 

kunzun cafe at hauz khas
Kunzum Cafe @ Hauz Khas
Located in posh Hauz Khas, Ashish Anand came virtually out of nowhere a decade ago, to create one of the most stunning centers for art in the city. The gallery has one of the best collections of art and this allows him to put together retrospectives of artists along with spectacular book launches archiving their work and processes. In fact, catalogues are increasingly giving way to books as gallerists woo collectors with information and gloss. Anand’s collection at the Delhi Art Gallery is now a formidable one, rumored by some to be among the largest in the country, and certainly in the top three.

Bodhi Art Gallery 

 Amit Judge’s Bodhi Art Gallery (the original at Qutab Institutional Area was sealed by the Delhi government), which works mostly with contemporary artists with an international buzz, has managed to create a brand that though homegrown in Delhi and nurtured in Gurgaon, is also now in Mumbai, Singapore and New York, Bodhi’s show are low key events, attract only serious art lovers and collectors, but its list of publications is well researched and has possibly the highest archival value of all.

India habitat center art gallery lodhi road
India Habitat Center Art Gallery

Visual Arts Gallery 

It is located at the India Habitat Centre that is the most high voltage arts address in New Delhi. Every few days, or at most every week, some of the best curated shows, booked by galleries in Delhi, or elsewhere, present works by India’s senior most, best or aspiring artists. This is the heartbeat then of not just the art fraternity in the capital but the country as a whole. One any day, sculptures or photographs or watercolors or oils or mixed media or installations or experimental art can be seen mounted, being taken down, being assembled.

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