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What Do You Think The Best Way To Keep In Touch While Travelling?


It has never been easier to keep in touch with home while you’re away. Gone are the days of writing a postcard (although I feel it’s the most nicest way to send your greetings from time to time!), now you can be in instant communication with friends and family all over the world.

Telephone is the easier way of connection

Nothing beats a quick call home every now and again when you’re in traveling. But before you much as dial a digit make sure you know what options there are to ensure you don’t end up paying the equivalent of half your airfare home for a 30 minutes call.

If you take your mobile phone away with you then it can be tempting to use it for chatting and texting much as you would at home. It’s really important if you’re on a budget that you check with your network provider how much calls and texts will be while you’re away as you may get some huge bills if you’re not careful.

If you’re away for a long period, ask your provided if they have an international traveler package which provides cheaper calls abroad, though be sure to check how long you’d be committed to paying for the service. Make sure your provider sets you up with international roaming, which can take up to a week, so you’ll be able to receive and make calls straight away from the moment you touch down.

You’ll also need to make sure that your phone will work in the countries that you’re traveling to. This information may be supplied on your provider’s website, such as T-mobile, Vodafone etc. Otherwise, call up customer services and get them to check.

Online Connection while Traveling

Emails are the best way to keep in touch without spending much cash on calls. If you want to keep in touch on the move via email, then consider buying a BlackBerry or other smartphones. These phones have media player, camera, Bluetooth, email messaging and almost every essentials a computer can hold. Some of them have GPS navigation, perfect for helping you find your way in new routes.

Skype allows you to make unlimited free calls from your computer, has been a fantastic development for travelers as it means no more expensive calls home. On the plus side, you can call friends anywhere in the world, video call and instant message for free. The downside is that it’s only free to call other Skype users, so if your mum and best mate aren’t with Skype, it’s going to cost you.

Blogging Explores your Creativity while Traveling

Another method, quite exciting though, is keep in touch with blogging. By creating your own weblog you can not only keep in touch but also show your experiences to your near and dear ones. You can write, upload text, upload photos, videos and send the link to them. It’s also a wonderful way to connect to the world get popular.

Social Networking - Stay Connect with Friends while Traveling

Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch with all your family and friends in one go, provided you get them all to become members, which a pretty simple process. As well as being able to read about what you’ve been up to, they’ll be able to see what you’ve been up if you’ve uploaded the images.

If you are a photographer and not big on writing, then there are some photos sharing websites that might appeal. Sites such as flickr.com allow you to upload your snaps and share them with your friends by sending them a link.

Of course, to keep in touch with home via web you’re going to need a computer, or at least access to one. Some travelers pop their slim laptops into their backpack, seeing it as an essential part of their travel. If you’re doing this, make sure it’s included in your insurance and don’t forget to pack all of the extras, like charger and cables to transfers pictures from your camera to your computer.


•    Inquire about a traveler package for your mobile
•    Take an address book, with emergency as well as friends’ numbers
•    Save the number of national embassies in the countries you’re visiting to your mobile
•    Buy a pre-paid international call card for emergencies
•    Consider taking gadgets, such as tablet, smartphones or laptops
•    Sign up to Skype for free online phone calls
•    Keep in touch online through social networking sites
•    Locate cyber cafes in places you’ll be traveling to

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