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Dodital Trek – Best Moderate Trek From Uttarkashi

Tehri Reservoir, Enroute Dodital Trek
Title : Dodital Trek
Category : Moderate
Duration : 6 Days
Location : Uttaranchal
Season : Summer (March - June)
Autumn (Sep - Nov)
Grade : Moderate

Path is clad with snow
Although a moderate trek, Dodital invites lots of danger during winter, and especially in rainy seasons. The landslides are more frequent in this part of the world and without a proper guidance it would be a real problem. The trek is moderate in grade, although seasoned trekkers call it easy one, starting from the Bhagirathi valley and trek through perfect wilderness to a pristine Dodital Lake. The place is surrounded by alpine meadows and leads to Darwa Pass (4150m) to the Yamuna watershed. The place was earlier a habitat of the Gujjar tribe, the nomadic herdsmen who get their buffaloes to high meadows during summer.

Full Trekking Itinerary 

Day 01: Delhi to camp Kuflon (1550m)

From capital city of Delhi, you either take an express train to reach Haridwar or bus to reach the same. Then 6-7 hours drive to Kuflon via Uttarkashi. Overnight stay in hotel or tent (if you find appropriate place to pitch your tent)

Day 02: From second day, gear your belt for some walk, from Kuflon to Bevra (2400m) is 8 km walking distance. It will take 4-5 hours walking along with Assi Ganges stream, and pitch your tent 1.5 km ahead of Agoda village. Go for a dip in Ganges to wash out the tiredness.

Day 03: Bevra to Dodital (3310m) 6-7 hrs

Third day is vital for you because you need plenty of energy to climb a steep trek from Bevra to Dodital. It is a hard trek and more harder if you have more than 12 kg of backpack on your shoulder, the 16 km trek will take 6-7 hours, passing through the rhododendron and oak trees with occasional SeaBuck thorn bushes. You will only find a small habitation in Majhi.

Day 4: Trek Dodital to Darwa Pass and back to Dodital. 4-5 hrs

It is toughest of all in this journey. Darwa Pass is perched on 4150 m and 5 km walk takes 3-4 hours. The entire walk is an uphill climb into a thick birch forest opening and finally opening into a wide meadow. The pass offers you an amphitheater view of adjacent Bandarpunch and Swargarohini range of peaks.

Trekking Tips and Suggestions

1. Carry all essentials such as knife, chocolate, rainproof ponchos, big water bottle, compass, swiss knife, medicines, lamp etc. apart from regular things like tent, sleeping bag, mat

2. Carry some winter clothes even you trek in Summer.

3. Before couple of months of your trek, start exercising and if you are a smoker, then stop smoking. Trust me it will greatly help

Dodital Winter
4. Avoid alone journey.

5. If you trek in a group, don’t put efforts to come first. It is not any competition. It will harm your body to put extra exertion.

6. Acclimatization is an important factor, especially when you trek more than 3000m. The air becomes thin and you will find a bit oxygen problem.

7. Your tent should have a separate outer cover for rain protection.

8. Carry a proper map.

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