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People And Lifestyle Of India

India never makes anyone really prepare for her as the very nature of this land is elusive, a mystic entity where the mind boggling cultural cocktail astonish people, yet addictive - not to loathe but a lovely unforgettable experience cherish for long. The country displays an amazing mixture of ancient ritualistic culture and modern lifestyle at the same time. India showcases a multidimensional spectrum of people having various culture and lifestyle, which is indeed an incredible amalgamation of versatile customs and traditions, values and lifestyle - people here vociferously represent their own regions. Undoubtedly, the incredible diversity of culture and lifestyle of people owes to geographical diversity conditioned the entire way of life.

Indian Clothing

Indian traditional clothing style greatly varies from region to region. Clothes have an integral part of regional culture and diversify country's connotation a little more. The attire of different regions is a subject to observe and reflect the striking lifestyle of the different region though not much separated by geography and distance. For example, the traditional attire of Rajasthani women is Salwar Kameez along with Dupatta or Chunni that goes with the colorful image of the region. The women of West and East India especially West Bengal and Orissa mostly wear sarees as traditional costumes while in Goa they prefer skirts and tops, trousers and shirts, wrap-arounds. The women of south India wear Saree while young girls wear half Saree and the men wear either Dhoti or a colourful Lungi with different styles and patterns. So one can observe variation of lifestyle through different attires of the country.
Indian Wedding

Indian wedding is not just an affair between bride and groom but an association between two families and reflect the culture of particular society in every possible manner. Indian wedding is no less than any festival and more often stretches to a week or so. In India marriages are complex social ceremony with innumerable customs and rituals. Before the actual marriage ceremony religious customs and rituals play a significant role. Indian geographical diversity and culture largely affects on the customs and rituals of marriage. Every zone has its own way of celebrating the ceremony. For example Rajasthani marriages are generally of 8-15 days whereas in Bengal the ceremony is less illustrious.

Indian Fairs And Festivals

The Indian calendar showcases a plethora of fair festivals throughout the year. Every season brings a new joy in the form of vibrant festivals. The festivals are an expression of color, dance, music and drama. The culture of India is well reflected through its rhythmic cycle of festivals, bringing out the true spirit of the Indian people and their society. The Indian festivals find their roots in the traditions, religious beliefs, myths and the seasons of the country.

The Emerging Lifestyle Of India

The global image of India is progressing and has risen in many sectors like commerce, technology and others. With the rising per capital income of the middle class urban people, the lifestyle of people also get affected. With increasing complexities in one's lives nowadays, people are also looking for something more peaceful and comforting. Therefore, the age old holistic science of Yoga and meditation and chanting is nowadays prevalent in urban class. A significant development in India's recent history has witnessed the breaking the social unwritten rules for women. In general Indian women are predominantly homemakers but the emergence of new age woman sees a different picture all together. In the urban areas the cost of living makes both genders to work and as a result women are more independent. In the rural area also more and more women are elected in the Panchyati system and parents force girls to schools and colleges for higher studies.

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