Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revolutionary Underwater Audio iPod Creates A Harmony Between Business And Environment


Traveler Christopher Lynch never fails to take a swim whenever he travels to places where swimming is a leisurely option. He has been traveling for last 15 years, mostly solo and sometimes with trek groups. Sitting relaxed in his living room he told about his serious lumber pain and how swimming would take away the pain. He also showed his finest collection of vinyl records and expressed his love for music.

He is in fact a compulsive music lover who even listens to music in his bathroom! So, obviously he was looking for something for specialized, synchronizing both love for music and swimming. He bought Underwater Audio’s iPod shuffle last month and quite happy with this little ingenious little device.

The underwater Audio iPod makes your swimming more fun. You can swim as well as listen to your favorite music. Imagine a relaxing atmosphere and joy where you float in the water while humming your favorite tune. It’s also healthy because mind shifts much of physical exertion to your auditory senses, so you can double your effect. 

The most fascinating part I’ve found in this device is the green identity. You don’t need a separate battery charger because 100% of its energy consumption comes from the Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program. It is a special program at Pacific Power that utilizes renewable energy sources for different usages.

Another noteworthy point is the amount of Underwater Audio recycles. It continually tries to reduce the waste and increase the recycle output. The company good thing it ensures only chemicals that are Eco-friendly such as 100% recyclable bamboo sticks and reusable cloth bags. There are in fact very few companies in the market who give their product in reused bag!

The company also imparts ecological awareness among its employees so that every employee takes care of environment in a best possible manner. For example, the management encourages biking and utilizing alternative transportation to reduce carbon footprint. Many staff comes come to work in bikes (those who stay nearer) and majority either uses carpool or take a bus.

Everyone is doing business, and of course business means certain profit quotient attached to it. However, to understand our long-term goal and more importantly to make a better future for our children, our prerogative must be not just to churn more money but creating a harmony between environment and business ethics.

This post is sponsored and written by David Rosenbaum. He has been associated with number of ecological organizations from last 20 years and wrote in journals about the environment effects of technological gadgets. He’s also been associated with Task Bullet, a low cost virtual assistance company based in U.S.

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