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Traditional Arts And Handicrafts Of India

Indian arts and handicrafts tradition has a great aesthetics and multifarious history, which reflects through its exquisite designs, patterns, intricately crafted monuments, temples and sculptures. Indian crafts epitomize heritage, history, social culture and even everyday living and it's a mirror of the cultural diversity of the country. From ancient times Indian Arts and Crafts had has a deep impact on the social structure and depicts the culture, traditions and style of living of that particular era. Each era has its own flavor and the political and social influences are quite visible on the crafts belonging to those times.

Indian Pottery - An ancient craftsmanship

History Of Arts And Handicrafts

Indian crafts history dates back to Vedas when people involved in pottery making, weaving, wood crafting and crafted their artistic skills on the daily routine of their lives. During the Mauryan period India saw an uprising of spectacular artistic brilliance, which reflects on the relics of Stupas and Sculptures of Bharhut, Mathura, Amravati and Vaishali. In the Gupta Age rock cut temples of Ajanta and Ellora caves showcases the incredible perseverance and brilliance of artistic skills. Apart from that, artists were involved in jewelry making, woodcarving, sculpture, stone carving and weaving.

The Medieval period of Indian history saw a makeshift of art from north India to the Deccan and southern parts of the country. However, the artisan brilliance of northern India still flourished at its fullest. Under the Delhi Sultanate the art and crafts in the sphere of pottery, weaving, wood carving, metal working, jewelry saw a highest level of artistic brilliance of that era. The contribution of the Cholas and the Vijaynagar Empire in the medieval times saw an aesthetic inventiveness in the field of bronze sculpture, silk weaving, jewelry, temple carving etc. Rich and fantastic wood and stone carving can be found in medieval temple of Jagannath at Puri in Orissa.

Folk And Tribal Art

Village girl weaves bamboo
Indian diverse cultural and social dimensions are perfectly displayed through various forms of art and craft of the regions. Every region has a unique specialized artistic style and pattern, which originated in the villages. These are known as folk art. Another form of traditional art is very popular in India, practiced by different tribal called Tribal art. The folk and tribal arts and crafts are simple yet exquisite and showcases a colorful and vibrant artistic brilliance of tribes of India.

Local shopper in Delhi displaying handcrafted mat
Ubiquitous Shops in India selling handcrafted items
The folk arts and crafts has a great demand in international market because of its traditional aesthetic sensibility and authenticity. The simple yet eye catching painting of Madhubani, Bihar or Patachitra paintings of Orissa gives a strong impression of artistic creativity of rural people. Folk art is however not confined only to paintings, but also expands to various other forms such as pottery, home decorations, ornaments, cloths-making, jewelry and so on. Due to its popularity among foreigners, many fairs and festivals display folk and tribal arts.

Indian government emphasizes on rural and tribal arts and handicrafts and give proper support to the people who are engaged in the art. However, many tribal art forms are still to be unleashed properly. They have a huge potential in international market and display a wide range of art forms such as wall paintings, tribal dances, tribal music, and so on.

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