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India And Her Valentine Lore

Here is a demigod in Hindu pantheon named Kamdev, the lord of love who wields a bow of flowers and shoots rose-decorated arrows to couples and eventually they fall in love. The love saga in India is not just limited to Hindu mythology but stretches far to ancient history where Khajuraho and Kamasutra testify the sensual side of man and woman love.

You can find various folklores where lovers died in the name of their love with a promise to meet in heaven. In Indian Film Industry you will find every second film is based on some sort of love story. So, it is evident that Valentine Day is not just a Westernized way of spreading love, but India with all lurid stories can make Romeo and Juliet a pale afterthought.

Valentine Day Protest by Conservative groups
I wonder why people protest against Valentine’s Day in India. Is it because the name has been imported from West? Or is it the growing commercialization that makes some people so jealous so that they break glass panes of shops, and slap lovers in public? Why don’t they just stop visiting (with families) the sculptures of garish and passionate love making on the walls of Khajuraho? The tradition of love arrows of Kamadev was buried long ago, and the Kamasutra pictures are reduced to Internet porn, nonetheless, at this era Valentine’s Day has made some sort of impression in India.

Valentine Day is a big business
Economic globalization leads to the emergence of neo-rich Indian bourgeois class, who are easily adapted to the new culture of fancy dinner, clubs, discos and expensive exchange of gifts. Moreover, commercial television programs displaying open Valentine culture in serials, TV shows and even love messaging in radio programs pave way to embrace the ‘lover’s day’ in a more flexible way.

It is always evident that when Indians do something, they are prone to overdo it. We have seen Romeos appear in the streets before Valentine Day, displaying their antics and “love” towards neighborhood girls or school girls. The Bollywood style boy-meet girl stories are often resulted into verbal abuse and conflict in the society.

Five Weird Ways To Celebrate Valentine Day 

Cupid strikes!
1.    You can show some sympathy to your friend who is exasperated in searching his/her Valentine. Instead of going out with other couples to some club or restaurant, spend some time with your frustrated friend or taking him/her to nearest restaurant/bar/lounge/club and assuage him or her that without a girlfriend or boyfriend is not an end of the world. Friends are the most important relationship and things won’t change dramatically if they would get some opposite sex as a company.

2.    The day is meant for relationship and love, but what if you can’t survive with your partner any longer. The inevitable thing must be postponed but can’t be avoided. If you’ve really decided to break-up with your partner, choose this day for your bid-adieu. In deep somewhere you always want to be coupled with your partner in spite whatsoever clashes you’re experiencing. So, a nice dinner or a final lone moment with your partner might able to ease out things.

Valentine Day most popular among teenagers
3.    If you are already broken and desperate to call your ex and meet for reviving some nostalgic moments, this is the day you can try once more to revive your relationships.

4.    Mother’s love is the highest of all and probably the only pure love in the world. So, why not spend some quality time with your mother in this special day of love. Go for a nice dinner, or take her out in shopping or religious places that you never visit but your mother always wants to secretly. Understand your mother’s deep desire and try to fulfill it with love.

5.    On this date why not fix a blind date? You have enough chatting in Facebook and now you really want to meet him/her personally. However, careful about your approach because if your virtual friendship is just “friendship”, don’t try to propose her/him in that day. Patience is the key to every relationship.

Valentine Day 2017: Different Dimensions

It’s not just India where roses are popular in Valentine Day, our neighbor Nepal is not much far behind. To fill the demand of roses in Nepal in Valentine 2017, the country has imported over one lakh red roses from India. This will cost at least one crore rupees to Nepalese Florist Association.

Lok Nath Gaire, President of Florists Association of Nepal (FAN) said that they would expect a huge rush for red roses in this Valentine, and they didn’t have much supply as per demand. So, they would import red roses from India.

In one hand there is a sheer optimism about Valentine Day 2017, and on the other, there are pessimism among Indian men and women.  Based on a recent survey by when young men were asked about Valentine Day and its importance in life and love in general, more than 50 percent men said that they think the day is overrated. Women also feel the same. Around 49 percent Indian women shrugged Valentine Day as an overrated event. The poll was conducted by leading matrimonial portal with more than 10,000 participants, both men and women in the age group of 23 to 37 years expressed their views.

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