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Eating And Drinking In Agra

Roof-top experience in backdrop of majestic Taj Mahal
Mughals were not not only great rulers and builders but also renowned as great food connoisseurs. Every Mughal emperor left his legacy of food and eventually Mughal cuisines are popular as Mughlai food. Agra is a place where you can taste some authentic Mughlai cuisines.

Travel to Agra will  incomplete without savoring some mouthwatering Mughlai cuisines. Tandoor( earthly oven) was introduced first by Mughals, used for making rotis and kebabs- which are pieces of meat marinated in spices and skewered over a coal tandoor. Some of the delicious food include tandoori chicken, seekh and boti kebab and sometimes tandoori fish.

Taj Ganj
Agra is also known for special snacks and sweets. Dalmoth is Agra’s famous snacks. From October to March gajak, slightly spicy sesame-seed biscuit strip is omnipresent in Agra’s market. But the Agra’s main attraction is petha ( a square sweet made from pumpkin and glucose that is flavored with rosewater, coconut or saffron).

There are plenty of reasonable travelers restaurants are found in Taj Ganj area and few are found around Sadar Bazar.

Restaurants In Taj Ganj Area

·         Joney’s Place- This restaurant is open from 5am to 10.30pm in the heart of Taj Ganj, a small but cozy restaurant has beautiful pink chairs and an open kitchen. Joney is famous for vegetable snacks, toasted sandwiches and creamy lassis.

·         Shankara Vegis Restaurant – A nominal restaurant has relaxing rooftop terrace. You will be disappointed if you go for Taj view but surely a nice place for vegetarian foodies.

·         Stuff Maker – A little costly than above ones but rooftop restaurant has an excellent view of Taj Mahal.

·         Shanti Lodge Restaurant – The rooftop View of Taj is brilliant and also savor some reliable food. Great place for breakfast and evening meal

Paneer Kebabs
·         Yash Cafe – Favorite among backpackers has wicker chairs, television on 24 hours, movies in the evening and reliable range of vegetarian and non vegetarian snacks. But do not go for pizzas. The place also offer shower and lockers for day visitor.

Restaurants In Sadar Bazaar

·         Lakshmi Villas – If your are searching south Indian food, this restaurant is best in Agra. There are around 30 varieties of dosas, idlis (rice dumping) and vadai ( fried snacks of lentil or potato). Apart from south Indian food noodles are also available.

·         Tourist Rest House – The best place to enjoy your evening meal with candle- lit atmosphere in a courtyard garden. Non vegetarians paradise but vegetarian dishes are also respectable.

·         Zorba The Buddha – This is an unique styled Osho-inspired bistro- style veg restaurant. Open at 4.30 pm and closed at 9.30pm. neat little tables with healthy soups,salads and ice-creams are renowned.

Authentic Mughlai cuisines
·         Park – Large dining room with wood paneling and soft music has a touch of elegance. Price of food is also nominal and you will find variety of Indian non veg to vegetarian food. Also Chinese and Continental food have been served.


Beer Shop – A small rooftop beer bar is cheap and cozy. The bar opens from 10am to 1pm. The place is located in Taj Ganj area.

Amar Vilas Bar – Little expensive but adorned with elegance. The place is located at Taj East Gate Rd famous for its opulence and excellent view of Taj Mahal while sipping your favorite drink.


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