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Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival

Quick Facts

Event Name: Goa Carnival
Start Date: Saturday, 06 February 2016
End Date: Tuesday, 09 February 2016
Venue: Goa
Country: India
Category: Feast & Carnival

History of Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival history dates back to almost 500 years ago when it was a small colony of the Portuguese. The festival of fun and frolic was very popular in ancient in Rome and Greece where people almost involved in riots in midst of fanatic dance and joy. Later on it spread to Spain and Portugal. Therefore, when Goa was colonized by Portugal, the Portuguese people gradually introduced their culture including famous dance and frolic into the people of Goa.

In earlier times the carnival had that strong Portuguese essence, but today the Goa Carnival is more of a Goan festival than Portuguese celebration. The entire state is colored with streamers and ribbons and people turn this 4 days festival into a yearlong memory.

Goa Carnival in Present

Goa reflects an image of fun, frolic and color. Come February and you will see the characteristic charm of Goa Carnival in its full form.  In the days when Goa was ruled by the barrel of Portuguese, this tradition of carnival celebrated in a different way. The white colonial rulers pretended to be slaves and the black slaves plastered their faces with flour and took the part of white masters. Then and now, time has changed but the fun remains the same, the same excitement, same celebration, though in a different flavor.

Goa Carnival is an old festival date back to almost 500 years when the state was a colony of the Portuguese rulers. The carnival was introduced by Portuguese, which they inherited from ancient Rome and Greece. This is one of the significant events in Goa, which is witnessed by travelers coming from different parts of the world.

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Goa at a Glance

Goa Carnival is arguably the most awaited event in Goa and the preparation for it starts from December. The carnival features a colorful parade of music, dance and other entertainments, displaying the Goa culture with a pinch of Portuguese flavor.

Last three days, Goa is filled with foreigners, different people coming from various parts of India and local people all immerse in non-stop Goa parties. The hassle free and free culture unrestrained merrymaking and unlimited food and drink are flown in the parties.

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