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Savor Awadhi Cuisines In Style

Road side food is the best bet in UP

 Uttar Pradesh has a vibrant food culture, especially awadhi cuisines is renowned all over India for its irresistible taste and diverse menus. There is always something very exciting about cuisines of Uttar Pradesh, cuisines are an integral part of every individual. Uttar Pradesh is divided into three zones namely western UP, Awadh and eastern UP. Among all, Awadh is most illustrious for its mouthwatering non vegetarian recipes.

Don't miss the jalebis
Lucknow is famous for Awadh cuisines and that also in a very regal way. To the begin your evening, there are cooling sherbets made from Iran’s plump seedless grapes and pomegranates served in crystal goblets, followed by melt-in-the-mouth kebabs reclining on a bed of paper-thin onion rings. Food like Biryanis, Dum Pulao, Gilafi Parathans, Moti Pulao ( studded with almond paste balls rolled in silver leaf to resemble pearls) are some of the most delicious recipes among numerous others. Exotic desserts like Ananas ka muzaffar (sweet pineapple pulao) Sayvai ( fine vermicelli drunk on double cream), phirni (rice pudding perfumed with vetivier.  Awadh cuisine is revered among other cuisines of India and now part of culinary legend.

Mouthwatering Tunda kebabs
The Kanpur region brings Kakori and Boti Kebabs. There are also famous vegetarian dishes like Tahri and Nargishi Kofta. Nargishi kofta is especially very famous made up of generous dose of cheese, khoya and saffron. In the western Uttar Pradesh, Rampur region , the major delicacies are Rampuri Rohu and Zamindoz; both items are made up of fish. The most famous vegetarian dish is Paneer Pasanda.

Don't go by its look. One of the best biryani houses in UP
In the eastern Uttar Pradesh, Tahri and Reshmi Kebabs are famous along with that Murg Musallam ( chicken preparation) is another favorite dish. In Agra and Mathura region sweets like Petha and Khurchan are very popular desserts. Every Uttar Pradesh cuisines round off with Paan ( betel leaf) with many masala ( as much as 50 in Banaras).

Some Famous Vegetarian Cuisines Of Uttar Pradesh

·         Mathura ke Dubkiwale Aloo
·         Lucknowi Koftas
·         Aloo Dum Awadhi
·         Matar Pulao
·          Dal Kachori
·         Masala Bhindi
·         Khatta-Metha Kadoo
·         Kesari Mishthan

Some Famous Non- Vegetarian Cuisines Of Uttar Pradesh

·         Kundan Kaliya
·         Shami Kebab
·         Kakori Kebab
·         Nehari Khaas
·         Patili Kebab
·         Warqui Parathas
·         Rizala
·         Chicken Reshmi Kebab


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