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Volunteering In India – Don’t Miss A Chance In Your Gap Years

Working as a volunteer gives a sense of satisfaction
If you want to pack your conscience along with your flip-flops, then you should consider volunteer work while you’re on your travels in India. Helping hand holidays are not only fulfilling, they’re also a fantastic way of really getting to experience a country below the tourist radar.

Why Volunteer In India?

One of the best reasons (if not the most worthy!) for volunteering in India is that it’s a really cheap way of seeing the country. Many NGOs and organisations provide you one square meal and accommodation facility, so you don’t have to at least worry about food and lodge. Then you can travel with the organisation to different remote corners, and more often they pay the travel expense. 

Volunteer services in gap years, the best way to enrich yourself
Another top reason to volunteer during your time away is that you can experience total immersion in the country’s culture, rather than just touching the surface as you pass through. Some locals, and other volunteers, that you’ll meet while away will remain lifetime friends; the bond of working together for a considerable length of time is likely to be so much stronger than that with passing travellers lying around on a beach. 

There is no denying that helping others really does make you feel better about yourself, so if it’s a confidence or self-esteem boost you’re after, a stint of volunteering can work wonders. Finally, a volunteer break can be really good for your work prospects and career development. Potential employers are often impressed by a stint of helping out a charity organisation, while you are travelling as it shows lots of values they appreciate, such as commitment, determination, generosity, and patience. 

Options Of Volunteering In India

Working with disable and underprivileged children is the common voluntary work
It’s easy to decide you want to do some volunteer work while you’re in India, what’s not so easy is picking the right project for you from the hundreds on offer around the country. You may have a cause you feel passionately about already, such as animal conservation or HIV, which narrows down your search, but many people just want to lend a hand.


1.       WWOOFing in India

WWOOFing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), is a globally renowned working concept that is gradually taking roots in India. The hosts include tea estates, coffee estates, and vegan agricultural societies who work in India’s countryside.

gap year can be best utilized by voluntary work
2.       HelpX

It is a short form of Help Exchange. This is an online bulletin board where hosts across the globe put their requirement and help. It has wide range of Volunteer opportunities on offer such as run guest houses to teaching English, working farms etc. They provide you the accommodation and one meal free of cost. Visit their website and pay a minimal membership to get access to contact hosts.

3.       Rural Organisation For Social Elevation

Gap year is a fun in this "snake charming" country
Located at the foothills of Himalayas, this not much known community development organisation is situated in Kanda village, Bageshwar district in Uttarakhand. They have lots of projects run throughout the year. It is a wonderful opportunity of people who love mountains and simultaneously imbibe in the culture of village. 

4.       Ladli

Ladli literally means “loving girl”, as the name suggests it is a small organisation working for the hundreds of abused and destitute girls located in the Pink city Jaipur, Rajasthan. You can work here as a child care, English teacher and involved in children activities. There is no charge to join the volunteer service but you have to pay your own accommodation and food. In a small span of time, the organisation has grown much. Maximum stay is one year.

5.       Sadhana 

Sadhana is a community centre working for intellectually disabled and underprivileged adults. The society is located at a village 30 km from Pune (Maharashtra) and working since 1995. The main stress is on education, other things are cultural activities, community development projects and others. The society provides you accommodation and food but because it doesn’t get any funding from the government, they are looking for donation. So it would be great if you donate something to this society. 

Some Tips On Volunteering In India

  • Ask volunteer companies for a breakdown of how their money’s spent; such as 30 per cent donation to cause, 30 per cent spent on providing food and accommodation for volunteers, 30 per cent on running costs and 10 per cent profit. This way you can be sure your money is going to a good cause and not into the pockets of rich tour operators.
  • Your fundraising depends on the level of your determination. Remember, you are raising fund for a meaningful reason, so don’t be hesitated to ask donation from people.
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