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Backpacking Essentials: What I Pack Before My Trips

A typical mess before a trip
Well, it's a sort of idea that came into my mind while I was reading someone else’ blog. In my case it is always a bit difficult because I most of the time travel to Himalayas or mountains where I have to pack heavy with woolens. Moreover, I carry my tent (weigh 2 .5kg) and sleeping bag. Oh, needless to say, I always travel alone, so I can’t shift my stuff to someone else’ backpack. 

So, how can I manage all those stuff into my backpack? 

My Goal is to travel with as much as I can. Before any expedition I exercise vigorously for one hour. I eat regularly and smoke less (1 or 2 cigarettes. per day) I increase my stamina in that way and therefore need not feel so exhausted while walking with a 10 kg backpack.

My Quechua Rucksack
Quechua 45L rucksack – This was the first thing I bought it when I got my first credit card. It’s not so expensive, intelligently designed, incredibly durable and undoubtedly comfortable to carry heavy weight.

Laptop bag Lenova – This thing I recently have started carrying. This bag is small and hang in front of me with my laptop (11.5 inch Compaq), camera (Sony cybershot), laptop charger, data card, iPod, headphone, cellphone charger, camera batteries and notebook and pen.

Tip: Always keep on hold with your electronic bag with you. However, you need to keep out of focus to your rucksack to deceive thugs to give an impression that the main thing is with you and the big bag is full of clothes and unimportant stuff.

Quechua T2 Tent – Oh, I love this one! This is my second home, though in India you can’t pitch tent anywhere, especially in plains. In North Indian mountain regions people are friendly, honest and habituated with tourists, so if you pitch you tent, they don’t really bother about it. This is not the case in North East India where everyone, especially government authorities are too apprehensive. You can only pitch tent in trekking routes and get a permit from the government office. Moreover, permit would be tougher to get if you are traveling solo, they just shoot you with innumerable questions.

My second home-T2
This tent is beautifully designed, and very easy to pitch (flat 15 a non-windy condition). The small window with net keep air flow inside the tent always, and the overall weight is just 2.5 kg.

Carabin Sleeping Bag – This thing is also very useful but I will replace it with some good one. Last time in Mount Abbott I experienced tremendous chill (less than 0 degree C) inside this bag. I was compelled to come out of my tent, lighted fire and half of night remained awake in the jungle. 

Yoga Mat – This mat I use for my regular sleeping purpose. I also intend to change this one, or better not to carry any mat with me. It is a burden after all.
 Other Items that I Packed

•    1 Cargo
•    1 pair of socks
•    1 sneaker (that I knotted outside my backpack)
•    1 Indian Army hunting boot ( that I wear)
•    One inner (both upper and lower)
•    One Army woolen sweater
•    One jacket (that I wear generally)
•    3-4 T-shirts (those are good for creating layers in winters)
•    Gloves
•    Cap
•    Skull Cap
•    And others that I can’t remember.

This not my knife (stock pic)
Tips: Always put your bedding at the lower and stack heavier items on it. 

 Things I Can’t Miss in My Backpack

•    Books, generally 3-4 books (weigh around 2 kg)
•    Fast-aid box
•    Water bottle
•    Notebook and one pair of gel pen
•    Torch
•    Knife
•    Blade
•    Tissue paper roll
•    Lighter and 3-4 matchboxes
•    One pack of tobacco
•    Rolling paper
•    Toiletries
•    2-3 m of nylon rope

Sometimes I Pack

•    Half Kg rice plus pulses
•    4-5 potatoes
•    One nutella
•    3 pack of Maggi noodle
•    One small saucepan 

What I Never Ever Packed

•    Sunscreen
•    Sunglass
•    Lotion
•    External hard drive
•    Flash drive
•    Shampoo
•    Comb (I don’t have much hair and always cropped, so it’s useless)

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