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Ghost Hunting In Bhangarh – Rajasthan Hamlet Churns Out Ghost Tourism

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From thousands of years, memories have had been engraved over myriad kinds of ghost stories. Those memories transcend generation after generation through restless spirits, eerie voices and strange sounds. Ghosts are always terrible, may be because humans can never accept the “unreal” and become terrified. I’m not here talking about ghosts, demons and other supernatural phenomenon, but telling a story about a real fort in Rajasthan located in the ruin city of Bhangarh that is counted among one of the top rated ghost-hunters' paradise. 

Bhangarh town was built by Raja Bhagwat Das (16th century), the then ruler of Amber and later on it was made capital of Madho Singh. He was Diwan in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar (1556-1605). The town was a huge one, consisting of fort walls, gateways, markets, havelis, temples, royal palaces, chhatris, tomb etc.  Seeing plenty of temples within the town complex, it seems Madhav Singh was a deep religious man; there are ruins of several temples inside the town fortification. Temples of Gopinath, Someshwara, Keshav Rai and Mangla Devi, all are Nagara style of temple architecture. The Royal Palace is said to have seven storeys but now only four storeys remain. The whole township was protected by three successive fortifications. The outermost fortification is provided with five gateways; from north to south Ajmeri, Lahori, Hanuman, Phool Bari and Delhi Gate.

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Bhangarh Legends Go On…

The history of Bhangarh is ambiguous because of its medieval origin and fabrication of ghost stories. Historians say the city was established in the year 1573 by Raja Bhagwati Das for his second son Madho Singh. Madho Singh later on built the town of Bhangarh with the sanction of some sadhu named Baba Balanath. Baba Balanath was used to meditate there, so he warned Madho Singh “look my son, you build your fort, very good. But if the shadow of your fort touches me, the city shall be no more!” 

Madho Singh and his son Chatri Singh obeyed with the sanction. However, his grandson Ajab Singh ignored the warning and raised the palace to a greater height so that the shadow fell upon the prohibited place. Strangely within a few years the whole city turned into ruins. 

bhangarh fort rajasthan ghost town

The next legend is somehow colorful and juicy. The gorgeous queen of Bhangarh Ratnavati was mastered in tantric practices (witchcraft) but another sorcerer who was wicked. Adding to insult to injury, he fell in love with queen’s beauty. He tried several times to trap her by his power of wizardry but the queen herself was a fine sorcerer. So, things couldn’t fall in the way the wicked one tried to be, but like any other formative lover boy he continued to disturb her. One day when things went out of hand, the queen lost her temper and changed a glass bottle into a massive rock and hurled it towards the hill-top. The massive rock started rolling over the wicked tantric. Sensing his looming death, he cursed, “I die, but you too Ratnavati shall not live!” The next day without any formal notice Ajabgarh attacked Bhangarh, and the whole city destroyed along with Ratnavati.

Archaeological Significance of Bhangarh

During a recent excavation of the town, various tools used by ancient men have been found from this prehistoric site. The old town of Bhangarh is surrounded on three sides by elevated hills. The undergrowth near the ruins is believed to a place of natural springs and waterfalls. 

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The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) put a warning notice near the Bhangarh fort stated “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.”  As we all know ghosts are infamous for attracting people, so tourists keep visiting this place for some taste of paranormal phenomenon. Some said the ambiance had a queer sensation made them restless and anxious. Some even claimed to experience some sort of paranormal activities. 

Bhangar Driving Direction for Ghost Hunters

Don't miss Ajabgarh Fort
From Delhi, the most appropriate route is speeding on smooth NH8 via Gurgaon->Dharuhera->Bahror->Shahpura->Bhangarh (270km)

If you want to cover some wild beasts along with royal spirit, you can take the other route via Sariska National Park.

Follow NH8 till Bahror then Alwar->Sariska National Reserve->Bhangarh (275km) 

  Road Map to Ghost City

Road map to Bhangarh

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