Friday, January 4, 2013

Hyderabad Girls Practising Chinese Martial Art Wushu In Hijabs

Self-defense training gaining popularity in India
It’s almost now a month, but I can’t see any difference in lurid reporting of rapes and molestations in India media, as well as indifference of political leaders in the issue. My blog is not meant of politics, nor am I interested in that. However, recently a psycho gang-rape of 23 year old girl compelled me to search some measures that Indian girls can use for their protection. 

There are a few schools I’ve found in India who exclusively teach women self-defense and personal protective training. The training institutes teach self-defense like how to squirm free from the grip of rapists (attacker) and temporarily paralyze them with a punch or kick to the groin. To me, honestly I feel the main strength comes initially from your mind and later it passes to your muscles. Nevertheless, I have also found a unique school, which is truly out of ordinary, strengthening both mind and body.  

The unbelievable acrobatic skills, self-discipline and concentration of girls veiled in Hijabs are something to see. These small girls can champion any seasoned martial artists study in a reputed school in Hyderabad where they regularly practice Chinese ancient martial art Wushu. St. Maaz high school is not just eminent for its academic excellence but also for its strict discipline and Wushu training, and believe it or not, these girl do it all in Hijabs. Below photo gallery tells all about it:

Girls practicing acrobat skills

Weapon training is an integral part of Wushu

Wushu is more mental than physical training

Wushu demands incredible dedication

Aged between 14-18 years old girls involve in weekly practice

Reflects the steel determination behind that veil

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