Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top 8 Tech Gadgets For Travelers In 2014

You can buy or gift zillions of gadgets but when it comes to specific travel oriented, it will be hard to decide. For traveling you need something light, easy to carry and functional. Let's find out some good traveling gadgets, which are functional as well as easy to carry.

1. Portable Power

portable power charger
Portable Power charger
The portable power gadget is a wonderful to recharge your smartphones, GPS devices, tablets and almost all portable gadgets. The size is small, not more than a credit card and can be easily put anywhere you want. You can buy a standard micro USB version or Apple version, whatever suits you best.

2. Smart Charger Adapter

smart charger adaptor
                                 Smart charger adaptor
Most of the USB chargers what we carry are bulky and not fit all plug points. During travel you never know where you land up and you need immediate charge, so you need a gadget, which can be fitted in almost everywhere. Belkin's SurgePlus has three AC plugs to charge laptops, speakers and other large devices. The USB ports are also powerful to handle 2.1-amp large devices like tablets and laptops. The swiveling plug allows you to hang it vertically, or horizontally.

3. Travel Voltage/Plug Adapter

travel/voltage adapter
Voltage/plug adapter
There are lots of travelers who carry iron, hair dryer or other luxury devices, so they know the importance of a stepdown transformer, which transforms foreign voltage to synchronize with the US products. The travel voltage adapter has a combo unit that allows to use whatever style of plugs you want to use.

4. Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones
Noise canceling headphones
Bose headphones are obviously the best for noise-canceling sound, but if you can't afford those expensive headphones you can opt for less expensive Harman's version, which is flexible, comfortable, stylish and more importantly, more pocket friendly. This headphone is continue to work after your battery dies, just you need to recharge by a common micro USB cable.

5. Compact Camera

compact camera
Compact camera
If you are not a photographer, it is useless to burden yourself with DSLR, lenses and other accessories. A good compact camera will do all your job plus it slips in your pocket and turn on without much ado. Sony's update RX 100 captures images with almost DSLR quality.

6. Rugged/Waterproof iPhone Case

iPhone case Atlas
iPhone case
iPhones are sensitive and you must take care of your expensive smartphone more than any other gadget. The problem is, you can't find an appropriate case for it, which is waterproof, and shock proof. Now, Atlas comes up with a rugged case, which is slim and comfortable drown to six feet. You can now picture during snorkeling, scuba diving or simple swimming. The case also comes with one year warranty against water damage.

7. Ultralight Laptop from Apple

ultra thin apple laptop
Ultra-thin Apple laptop
Whether you are a blogger or writer or do your business writing in laptop, it always tedious to carry that heavy stuff with your always. And also phone or tablet can't solve your problem if you are a serious writer, so it is better to switch over to a laptop, which thin, lightweight and good battery life. Apple comes with ultra-thin Air, which is thin, light weight (2.5 pounds) and nine plus hours of battery life.

8. E-Reader

Gone are days when travelers used to carry tons of books while traveling. The technology makes thing easier, so does reading. Kindle Paperwhite comes with a book like feeling, comfortable to read, visible in bright sunlight and backlight for reading in darkness. Not to forget it comes with month long battery life.

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