Thursday, February 14, 2013

Glamorous Camping At North Cornwall’s Pencuke Farm

The dark inky black sky was rather austere and terribly silent when I reached through a graveled path in a quaint Cornish farm. I was accompanied with Chris Fellow, the owner of Pencuke Farm, leading our path in the evening. It’s around 8 pm but the atmosphere seemed like midnight when our torches shone like heavenly light paved way through the farm.

From last 15-20 minutes I had been noticing a small beagle followed us in our footsteps. Chris told me about the beagle named Spencer and his fondness for midnight walks. 

Pencuke ranch
I didn’t understand whether the penchant of this beagle for midnight stroll was weirder or my camping fanaticism that led me this farm house known for glamorous camping or ‘glamping’. The idea of glamping is pretty simple. You are no happier with the modern hotel insulated from nature. But you also can’t sacrifice the comfort of your home, so when I came to know about Cornwall’s Pencuke Farm offered me bell tents, yurts, tipis, eco-pods, vintage vans, wooden gypsy caravans called roulettes and even horse-drawn carriage, I couldn’t resist the temptation. The farm was spread over 20 acre in Bude (North Cornwall) and offered a fantastic yurt. I opted for a yurt framed by wood and lit by lantern. There was no electricity, so I had to pile the wood into the fire burner by keep myself warm in that refrigerator yurt. 

Pencuke Farm Yurt
The interior furnishings were immaculately designed and organized. I spent my night on a massive oak framed bed. Besides I was amazed to see the detailing even not found in many hotels and resorts. It was a camp yet it is a mini-home with dining table, wooden chairs, a chest of drawers. I noticed a stove with clean pots and pans.

Pencuke avoided all gimmicks like other glampings offer, such as gold panning, sport, crepe making and fairytale themes. It was a simple and authentic farm experience.

The glamping experience was incomplete without great outdoor activities. So, I first hit the ranch where I was introduced to two beautiful ponies Alex and Jasper followed by a pair of beautiful stallions – Mouse, a male Shire cross, and Ebony, a Welsh cob crossed with an Arab.

Later on in the afternoon, I climbed cliffs in Kynance  Cove around the southernmost Cornish point of Lizard Peninsula. I concluded my day activities by watching the sunset at Land’s End, the far westerly point of Cornwall.

Glamping Guide in Pencuke

•    Carry strong flash lights. There is no electricity and if you want a night stroll, you need some good brightness.

•    Though it is glamorous camping still you need to carry all essentials such as toothbrush, tissues, soaps, shampoo etc.

•    This is ‘Going  Green’ trip. So use biodegradable items.

The author of this story Swarnava Chakraborty is a professional photographer and travel junkie who visited the farm in the last autumn.


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