Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do Or Not To Do Holiday Romance

You are young, free and (possibly) single and it’s pretty likely that while you’re trotting around the globe you’re going to meet other people like yourself, some of whom you’re likely to want to more than friends with.

Holiday romances can be fantastic. Having a great time in an exotic country with an exciting new stranger is heady stuff and will hopefully be full of memories you’ll treasure forever. Plus there’s the added benefit that if it works out, great, if it doesn’t you can move on to the next destination or are safe in the knowledge that you’ll never have to see them again when you head home!

To Fling Or Not To Fling?

The majority of holiday flings are just that; happy, light-hearted and short-lasting. However, some couples simply fall in love and change their lives so that they can be together. This heart-warming stuff and ideal if you’re the secure type who just wants a bit of fun. However,  if you’re the sort of person who tends to get heavily involved in relationships early on, or who’s feeling emotionally vulnerable, then it’s not always wise to get involved with someone while you’re away.

Safety In Holiday Romance

Con Artists

For starters, you have to be very careful about who you’re seeing. Do you really know the person? Conmen operate in resorts all over the world, from backpacker getaways to five star hotels. Every year the Foreign & Commonwealth Office hears cases of women who have been robbed by men that have wormed their way into their affections. This a very hard theft to prove and many women don’t even want to report it, as they feel embarrassed to have fallen for a trickster’s charm. Don’t feel stupid, it’s vital that it gets reported in order for this sort of guy to be stopped.

How can you spot a conman? Well it’s tricky, but as a rule, things to look out for are if someone is continually asking you for money (not just the odd drink, but always losing their wallet at dinner or for a loan to tide them over), and talking about themselves in a self-aggrandizing fashion, bragging about their larger-than-life accomplishments and schemes, which are often completely fabricated. Also be wary if they try to keep you from your friends or from meeting theirs; what have they got to hide?

Drugs & Alcohol

There’s an increased use of drugs to spike drinks and food around the world in tourist hot spots. Known as date-rape drugs, even though they’re often used simply to rob people while they’re unconscious, the two drugs that are mainly used are GHB, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, and Rhohypnol. Scarily, GHB has very similar effects to being really drunk, plus it’s invisible when dissolved and doesn’t smell, so some people aren’t even aware they’ve been drugged. 

Rohypnol acts as a sedative and can make you start feeling drowsy after around 20 minutes and usually lasts around eight hours. If you think you’ve been a victim of a date-rape drug, it’s essential that you get yourself to a police station as quickly as possible to report the crime and also for a drugs test – waiting too long to test for the presence of drugs may be detrimental because these type of drugs are quickly metabolized and eliminated by the body.

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