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Physical Intimacy During Your Travel

Take Care of Health While Doing Intercourse With Your Fellow Traveler

If you’re going to be sleeping with someone while you’re travelling, the same rules as they do at home; unless you know a person’s full sexual history, and trust them, take precautions.

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And by precautions I don’t just mean contraception against pregnancy, like the Pill or coil I mean precaution against sexual diseases. The best way to stay safe while you’re away is to use condoms. There’s no excuse not to take them, they’re cheap, easily available and easily disposable. It protects you and the person you’re sleeping with and they’re 95 percent effective against pregnancy.

It’s unlikely that the guy is always going to have contraceptives on him and if you’ve got some to hand you’ll be less likely to be naughty and not use any precautions. Some women don’t like the idea of carrying lots of condoms with them and would rather buy them as they go. If this is the case with you be aware that if you’re traveling or volunteering inthe third world it can actually be very hard to buy condoms. Always make sure that they carry the authentic mark as you generally use.

Travel Tips: Rubber perishes with heat and age, so if you’ve been carrying condoms around for a long time and they’ve become brittle or discolored, it’s time to ditch them and buy some more.

Sexually transmitted infections are one of the real risks of a holiday fling and can cast a cloud over your whole trip if you don’t take precautions. There some STIs which, while painful and irritating, aren’t harmful and can be treated fairly easily, providing you’re in a country with good medical facilities. These include: chlamydia, which can be treated with antibiotics; genital warts, which can be frozen off with nitrogen; gonorrhea, which can be treated with antibiotics, trichomonas, which can be treated with antiparasitics and antibiotics.

However, there are some STIs which can be more life threatening such as hepatitis B, which it’s estimated around 2 billion people have been infected with worldwide, 400 million chronically. It causes inflammation of the liver. It’s commonly spread through body fluids (like saliva, sharing a toothbrush etc.) and sharing drug equipment like needles.

If the worst does happen and you find yourself with an STI while abroad, don’t panic. Most STIs are treatable, provided you begin  treatment as soon as possible, and the most uncomfortable symptoms can usually be cleared up fairly quickly. If you notice, or feel, anything unusual after having sex, see a doctor immediately. And for the real peace of mind, get yourself checked out when you come back from a trip if you’ve been sexually active, as some STIs can go unnoticed for weeks before symptoms occur.

Rape & Sexual Assault During Traveling

In recent years we have noticed many incidents of rape and sexual assaults of travelers in foreign lands, especially in Asia. The best advice on rape and sexual assault is to avoid being in a position where it’s possible, and to be as vigilant as you would at home. This includes turning down drinks from strangers; watching your alcohol content; not walking alone at night in quiet areas, in particular beaches and parks; avoiding quiet carriages on trains and buses at night if possible; taking registered taxis; locking your accommodation doors and windows at night if possible; and abiding by local laws and customs, such as covering up and wearing modest clothing in Muslim countries.

Of course, following these suggestions doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen – sadly some attacks happen in broad daylight even in busy areas – but by taking notice of them you put yourself at less risk. If you are a victim of a sexual assault while away, you should tell the relevant embassy as soon as possible. You should also tell the local police station as soon as possible and insist on a police report.

Laws & Customs In Different Countries

You might wonder what a country’s rule of law has to do with your holiday fling. Well, there are some places in the world where your innocent beach romp could actually see you end up in prison! In some Muslim countries, such as Dubai, having sex outside can lead to a charge of having unmarried sex publicly indecency.

In countries where Islamic Law is enforced, such as Saudi Arabia, don’t partake of any public displays of affection, such as kissing, as it could land you in jail! Also be aware of differences in cultures. You don’t want to discover that what you thought was a holiday affair results in you being taken home to meet the parents as a prospective wife/husband. Dating rules are very, very different around the world, like whether it’s okay to kiss on a first date. But some things are the same: be sure to tell someone where you’re going and with who make sure they have a contact number and try to avoid being alone with the person until you feel you can trust them and have got to know them a little. Last bit of advice – trust your instincts. If you think the gorgeous surfer guy who’s interested is hot and fun, he probably is, so go for it, just don’t always expect the relationship to last for the duration of your trip!

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