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Triyuginarayan – Where Shiva Weds Parvati & Vishnu Acts As A Priest

Himalayas from Triyuginarayan
“Why you travel to these places and stay in tents?”

“The greatest enemy of man is fear. My first travel and eventually every travel to mountains obliterate my fear. I feel more free and comfortable in life after each travel, and perhaps for me that’s the biggest reason for my recurrent and solo traveling.”

The snaking road from Rishikesh to Rudraprayag took around 6 hours. Traveling on hills always fascinates me as I only gaze at the mountains and people, and to be frank there is nothing to do in the journey. I always carry books with me, but mountain journey seldom gives me any time to read anything. 

Mandakini River flowing at Son Prayag
Rudraprayag is named after Rudra, another name of Lord Shiva. There is nothing much to see in this small town except you can sit and watch the holy confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers. Rudraprayag is an important town because here you can pack all your essentials such as recharge, battery recharge, email checks etc. before venturing to higher mountains. From Kund, the road diverges into two ways – one way goes to Badrinath, another one Kedarnath.

Forest trail
Another 2 hours in bus, I reached Guptakashi. At this point of time I was quite tired because I was traveling endlessly almost 14 hours without any break (even toilet break!). In Guptakashi I had my lunch and a bit chit chat with the restaurant owner seeking appropriate place to pitch my tent. He advised me to go to Triyuginarayan, and I thanked later that I listened to him. Although I was heading for Kedarnath but the road was blocked by snow. It was certainly not the right time to travel to Kedarnath, but I was thinking to trek from Gaurikund and at least reach Garur Chatti where I could stay for some days with Sadhus.

To reach Triyuginarayan you need to pass Son Prayag. It’s another holy place, small but crowded with hotels. Pilgrims generally stay here before leaving to Kedarnath via Gaurikund. Gaurikund is 4km from here, and Kedarnath 18km. Just opposite the Son Prayag another road cuts and leads to Triyuginarayan. According to mythology, the holy wedlock between Shiva and Parvati was sanctified in the presence of Lord Naryana (Vishnu) here. A small but beautiful temple is situated where an eternal flame lights up day and night.

Triyuginarayan Temple
I reached there around 4 PM and the sky was already semi-darkened. Someone suggested me to pitch tent near the school, I instantly rejected the idea but when I reached the school after 15 minutes of trek I appreciated the wise suggestion. I pitched my tent behind the school, which was encircled with dense forest. The relics of winter snow were still there, and the higher range of forest was covered with snow.

Some Words from the Pages of My Diary

Feb. 28 8PM

I’ve taken a long journey today. Actually I started yesterday night, almost 24 hours ago, and now I’m writing while sitting inside my camp, approximately 2000 m high surrounded by forests. It’s absolutely silence and queerly adds up a different persona as a socialized being under the impact of wilderness. In my situation, what is taking place in my mind something more important and urgent than mere traveling. It’s a demand, or rather a process of self-discovery that comes after years of struggle to maintain a boundary of my own self-restraint life.

I’m not scared and lonely. In fact, I’m feeling elated and living a very important act in light of my inner need that I believe is the need of every person. 

March 01, 2 PM

Today I’ve met a wonderful person. Actually we met yesterday but today I got the opportunity to talk to him. He is around 60 years and travel (mostly walking) in the mountains. He doesn’t have any cell phone, email ID and lives near Pune. He resigned from the job long ago and travels whenever he wants to. His smile reminds me of a friend, open and honest. 

These friends helped me to find woods
This world is a large furnace of energy and every organism is tiny filaments that extend themselves infinitely to a field of energy. You never know when and how you are transferred or imbibed certain energies. It is like an infinite large field of energy that we are continuously pushed or pulled and tested by the universe itself. We are in fact in always in a flux, some sort of continuously testing awareness.

11 PM

The Village from the top
Another night in the wilderness. Today I feel deliberateness to bath in the mountain fall. However, I don’t know whether it’s a good idea or not because the water source is near the depth of jungle and probably animals come here to drink. Today I discovered one way to trek in jungle; that is to switch on my mobile songs and walk. This sends signal to wild animals that I’m walking down the road, so don’t disturb me. 

Tomorrow I’ll leave the place, and probably will never visit the place once again. I travel many unknown territories in last 5 years but never visited the place twice. The formidable impact of my travel on the level of my sober consciousness has a peculiar quality to undermine the beauty of place and provide more harmony in my own self-reliance. So, like a selfish creature I always forget to thank the place and never pay my gratitude by visiting the place again. Perhaps one day I will break the jinx.

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