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Best Ramblings By Top Five Indian Travel Bloggers (In My Opinion)

Lately, I have spent some time researching on travel blogging, especially Indian travel writers in the Internet. My structural analysis is not based on the financial reputation of a blog, but to my best I minutely observed the writing, presentation, authenticity, information and popularity of a blog. I have developed a firm conviction that Indian travel blogs in comparison to western blogs have more literary value, informative, and not blatantly self-glorified. For the record, I like nomad blogs, and a regular reader of Wandering Earl, occasional reader of Wandering Samuel, Nomadic Family and a few other blogs.Nevertheless, I hardly find any nomad who inspires me. There are various reasons, which are subjected to another post, perhaps.

Here I’m giving you brief introductions of some reputed Indian travel bloggers in terms of traffic, writing, photography, information and miscellaneous parameters. I can’t include many blogs, but here are from my own reading lists. If you have any suggestions you can always inbox me/comment/send your URL.

1. Breathdreamgo – I like Mariellen’s writing because she is sensible, smart and seems to have a much focused approach to living and traveling. I also confess that my travel blogging was inspired from her blog. She is not Indian but doing a great job in promoting Indian tourism directly or sometimes indirectly.

Writing – Engrossing, value-added and some stories are quite inspiring.
Photography – Moderate
Information – Not highly informative, but I ignore because the subtle information she provides through her writing is much more useful.
Alexa Ranking – Global – 119,822  India – 27,490

2.  Travel with Neelima – Neelima travels once in a while; sometimes solo, sometimes with a group. She is good in writing, excellent in photography and daring in nature. I like her blog because she is some of the few travel bloggers who customized blog in Blogger domain and inviting decent traffic. I like her simplistic yet emphatic design.

Writing – Moderately okay. Sometimes she writes some excellent pieces, sometimes just above average.
Photography – She engage her readers through her impeccable photography.
Information – She is informative, but more imaginative.
Alexa Ranking – Global – 4, 67000 India – 36,234

3. Thinking Particle – Vishnu Kumar usually writes epic posts. His posts are much inclined to give comprehensive information rather than his own ramblings.

Writing – Average, simple and to the point. He is not a poetic travel writer but a straight way traveler who knows how convey the information.
Photography – Average
Information – I simply like his posts just because of information. Such an epic posts I have never read in any travel blogs or websites.
Alexa Ranking – Global - 359,427 India – 44,202

4. The Shooting Star – Shivya Nath is a digital female ‘nomad’. She follows the footsteps of global female solo travelers and travels a lot around the world. She writes well, thinks well and provides adequate information.

Writing – Writing is fluent, lucid and contemporary. She has the creative knack of imaginative writer.
Photography – Above average.
Information – Quite informative with an informal tone.
Alexa Ranking -  Global - 219,297, India - 34,624

5. Anuradha Goyal Travels – One of the oldest travel blogs started in 2004. Another blogspot blog that I like. The design is simple and easy to read, no distraction of color, plain and simple. She writes her heart out and it seems she is not much into SEO or something but write for her passion. Good job!

Writing – Simple, straight and notebook type narration. I think she writes straight into blogger platform rather drafting it on word.
Photography – Average.
Information – Loads of information! She is detailing person.
Alexa Ranking -  Global - 332,060, India - 35,287

Apart from these five there are many blogs that are just splendid in their own ways. Some of them I listed below:

1.    Le Monde - A Poetic Travail
2.    Scrapbook Travel
3.    My Travelogue
4.    Wandering Mind
5.    Climber and Explorer
6.    Indian Backpack Motorbike
7.    Musafir Hoon Yaron
8.    The Wanderer
9.    Payana
10.  Be On The Road

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