Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where Do You Find The Most Honest Travelers?

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Traveling is fun, more than that it’s also a responsibility, but how many of us really understand the value of traveling. Did you ask yourself how much honest traveler you are? Traveling is a passion and those who travel frequently know best how much they connect with people while their wanderings. It is not a selfish enjoyment rather coming out from a limited shell and sees the world around you with different eyes.

Unfortunately many travelers, especially nomads find different outlandish tricks to save money on the road. These tricks are often cheating, stealing or illegal skimping secrets. Personally I don’t feel one can truly enjoy anything if he tries to enjoy things by stealing. Anyways, it’s a personal opinion, so let’s see what stats tell us.

In a recent polls from, it is found the Danes are the most honest traveler and unlikely to steal from hotels. While Columbian are often checked out with more than they checked in with.

Some Common Travel Tricks

•    Many hoax as a honeymoon couple or celebrating anniversary to upgrade their free suite wherever there is an opportunity.

•    Some daredevils sneak into the pool area of resort where they aren’t staying. In an effort to save some money, some travelers even run out of the restaurant without paying the bill.

•    Pocketing food from a buffet table is a common habit among travelers. It is a most common way to save money during lunch.

•    Steal magazines, toiletries, linen, towels etc. are some irritating mugging education of travelers.

According to the research, some 88% travelers from Denmark said they never did anything like stealing while traveling. Brazilians are the most honest among South Americans while in Asia Hong Kong travelers are the most honest one. The United States and China shared the same 23rd spot with 66% of tourist said they never stole anything.

The most commonly stealing habits are picking magazines and books, linens, towels, table clock, artwork, and without paying the restaurant tab.

Most Honest Travelers

1. Denmark 88%
2. Netherlands 85%
3. Norway 84%
4. Brazil 81%
4. Canada (Quebec) 81%
4. Hong Kong 81%
7. Italy 80%
8. Russia 79%
9. Taiwan 78%
9  South Korea 78%
11. Argentina 77%
11. Singapore 77%
13. Ireland 75%
14. UK 74%
15. Switzerland 73%
15. New Zealand 73%
15. Japan 73%
15. Finland 73%
19. Germany 72%
19. Australia 72%
21. France 71%
22. Canada (excluding Quebec) 70%
23. United States 66%
23. China 66%
25. Sweden 65%
26. Spain 64%
27. India 62%
28. Mexico 60%
29. Colombia 43%


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