Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Strange Monoliths On The Shore Of Ganges


I don’t know much about the intensity of people but I feel the calmness and certain contentedness on the faces whomever I've met in the Himalayas. Life is truly simple and for me it’s about experiences. It’s more about living, squeezing the last drop of juice from the momentary, temporary and of course elusive life. Anyone can be a poet or philosopher in the Himalayas; it’s very natural because the air itself contains a certain energy that permeates almost everyone. 

So many people come from different parts of the world, far away from their own civilization, surging into the mystical mountains. The adventurous spirit locked inside the heart gets sudden impulse to finds its way to open up.

Monoliths on the shore of Ganges
I was in Bhojbhasa, the stopover point before reaching Gaumukh. There were two ashrams there: one is Lalbaba’s Ashram, where I found all people took some rest and spent a night or so. Another one was Nirmal Baba’s Ashram, which was more rudimentary and not a single person actually stayed there. Bhojbasa was a nice break from the moderate trek to the source of Ganges. I already planned to go far beyond Gaumukh to Tapovan, a retreat that’s sheltered by the shadows of mount Shivling. I have found mountains in this part of the world were more aggressive, more stark and demanding. These mountains demand faith, respect and I think love. One who loves Himalayas will always be treated with equal love in the form of tranquillity and evenness of the mind. 
Rocks in shapes
I was sitting on the shore of Ganges near the Ashram. The cold wind is pleasant and the continuous thundering music of this sacred river automatically fixed my mind. I was trying to write, to make my time “productive” and then I saw two guys from Canada were playing with rocks and shaped those rocks into strange monoliths. They were quite young and it was quite fun to involve in their playing. 

gangotri to gaumukh
Meandering river
I have been traveling from last 6-7 years and always westerners amaze me with their enthusiasm and energy. For them it’s not a struggle to reach the destination but a new experience in moment. When Indian pilgrims were coming with their stooping and tired faces, these guests were overenthusiastic to explore more. It’s not that everyone comes in Himalayas for certain spiritual motivation but many of them are quite oblivious of religious and spiritual significance. Nevertheless, everyone is having joy in life, which I feel is most important. It’s the joy emancipates from their wanderings in the mountains, which may or may not be outwardly religious, but it’s religious in its true sense.

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