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Top 10 Things To Do In Jodhpur In 36 Hours!

1.    A Tour of Mehrangarh Fort

Jodhpur’s signature attraction Mehrangarh Fort is one of the best examples how Indian medieval heritage can be preserved and restored in its full glory. Touring Mehrangarh will take around 3 hours with a splendid audio tour and extraordinary curated gift shop. Café Mehran invites you to refresh with fresh cup of tea.

2.    Enjoy A Village Safari

Essence of Rajasthan lives in villages. Villagers are highly hospitable and intelligent enough to understand the value of tourism. Salawas, a village half-an-hour from Jodhpur is an excellent place to experience the exotic village life. There are clusters of hamlets where you can see how a potter crafts pots from clay, relish a cup of tea at one of the Bishnoi homes, a durrie being woven at another household and many different subjects. Keep an eye on the nearby jungle and road; you might catch a spotted deer, antelopes and even black bucks. Not to mention peacocks because those are ubiquitous in this soil. The whole tour will take 2-3 hours.

3.    Ride a Camel

Get a good grip otherwise you will all possible ways to drop down from this grotesque ‘ship of desert’. A camel sits folding its rear legs first and just the opposite when it stands. So, take care of this calculation while starting and ending your journey on this animal. One thing is for sure, you will remember this ride for a long time. The ride will take 1 hour maximum.

4.    Sin on Street Food

If you are in Jodhpur, don’t miss Sahi Samosa, Arora Namkeen, Mawa Kachori. If you are thinking what I am talking about, of course you can understand by the heading these are some sort of snacks, but sincere sin will be if you go and relish all those at Janta Sweet Home near Clock Tower. Don’t forget to drink Misrilal lassi. You can spend maximum of 2-3 hours here.

5.    Explore Clock Tower Market

Clock Tower in Hindi called ghanta ghar is a curious place in Jodhpur. You find Mickey Mouse jumper stickers to plastic cups, lac bangles to local spices and vegetables. If you want to see indigenous Rajasthan in one place, this is a must visit. It will take 2-3 hours to fully explore the area.

6. Saris from M. Tayeb Khan

M. Tayeb Khan was awarded Padma Shri. His hand-crafted chiffon saris are popular even in Rajasthan’s royal families. His combination of colors is simply gorgeous and you can’t find any better badla work probably in whole Rajasthan. If you want to spend something in buying in Jodhpur, spend it on Tayeb saree; it’s worth. Talking and browse through his collection will take maximum of 2-3 hours.

7. Silence at Jaswant Thada

This white marble architectural beauty is where Jodhpur royalty is cremated. The place is dedicated to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, offering a stunning view of Mehrangarh Fort and a placid lake and silent temple. This depends how much time you want to spend in solitude. Let’s take an average of 2 hours.

8. Browse ‘n’ buy at Maharani

Again a shopping stopover, probably it is the best kept secret shop in Jodhpur. You can browse accessories, antiques, shawls, textiles and others things and if possible buy. I’m saying ‘if possible’ because Maharani Textile & Handicrafts caters to number of celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Liz Hurley and others. So, it’s obvious you have to cough it off a large sum of money to match celebrity status. To see the large collection it will take about 2 hours.

9. Lunch in Sardar Samand Lake Palace

If you find it difficult to settle down where to eat, go to Sardar Samand Lake Palace for a royal retreat. Resembling Florence’s Cavalli Club, the rooms are one of the best in luxury hotels of Jodhpur. Enjoy traditional home-style food overlooking an inviting lake for birding and great hospitality. Although you may have finished lunch back home in 20 minutes, but here you will spend 3-4 hours.

10. Don’t Miss Umaid Bhawan Palace

It’s like you’re in Agra and Missed Taj Mahal! Umaid Bhavan defines the luxury of imperial hospitality. Live Rajasthani music, royal welcome, majestic museum and other things to captivate your senses. The palace was in highlight in 2007 when Liz Hurley wedded Arun Nair in a much publicized way. The palace is attractive but not intimidating, the service is warm and food is beyond words. Time spend can’t be predicted here, but if you want to enjoy everything, it’s better to stay in the place for 12 hours.

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