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Nihonmachi Street Fair 2013 In San Francisco To Honor Cultural Heritage Of Japan

nihonmachi street fair in san francisco
Nihonmachi Street Fair In San Francisco is a unique opportunity to showcase cultural heritage of J-Town in San Francisco, which is even reflects a broader cultural context of Asia Pacific influences. This year the event is scheduled to occur in 3rd and 4th of August 2013, emphasizing on leadership opportunities for the youth of J-Town.  This modest in 1973 drew more than 30,000 guests in last year and this year it is expected to draw even more.

This event is unique in a sense of active participation in tradition Asian-Pacific influences. The Nihonmachi Street Fair is a colorful extravaganza, which has not only showcase Japanese arts and culture but also lots of entertainment like hip-hop, salsa, rock and jazz. The objective of this fair is presenting a platform where Asian-Pacific American youth to harbor their leadership and communication skills through volunteerism and community services. 

nihonmachi street fair girls

Nihonmachi Street Fair in San Francisco is wholly organized by youth volunteers, giving real time experience in teamwork, entrepreneurship and problem solving. In the last four decades, this fair has been successfully serving the community through education service and youth leadership. This fair is organized by non-profit organization and receives a grant from the San Francisco Grants for the Arts Program. With the success of this event and increasing footfalls, the organization is now generating revenues through advertising and sponsorships. 

This year at NSF

Children World

The event presents vast opportunities for little kids to engage in art and crafts, and test their skills in fun games. The event is not just cent percent youth oriented but children can also get an opportunity to develop a new personality of leadership and community work.

Doggie World

In the U.S if any city we can really call a ‘Dog city’ that is San Francisco. The city has number of luxury dog hotels, gourmet pet food, and many dog oriented things. Last year NSF Fun and Furry Pooch Pageant and Doggy Parade many people participated with their dogs. Moreover, local animal experts and adoption agencies also offer tips and information. This year the event is planning to expand this special section more elaborately.

Asian Arts

Nihonmachi Street Fair in San Francisco 2013 will welcome various artistic talents from over the Bay Area and other parts of San Francisco. There are programs of salsa, hip hop, rock, jazz performed in 2012 and this year also it is planned to display many young talents.

Apart from music there are handicrafts exhibition will be there where young and known artists will showcase their arts.

Food Fest

The core value of this event is support for nonprofit Asian-Pacific community/organizations in the U.S, and food booths are the grassroots fundraiser.

How to reach at the Fair Ground?

San Franscisco’s Japan Town is the ground of this fair, situated in the Western Addition neighborhood of the City. It is exactly located on Post Street between Laguna and Fillmore Streets. It is better to take public transport to the fair ground.

If you are coming from a bus, take the No. 38 on Geary Street or the No. 2.3 or 4 on Sutter Street and drop at Laguna, Buchanan or Webster. From the Bay Bridge or from Fwy take the Octavia Street exit, follow the right-hand lane. Cross Market Street and then Fell Street, turn right to Laguna. Japan Town is half mile for Laguna.

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