Thursday, July 4, 2013

Top Five Photography Equipment In Your Essential Travel Kit

Some people are amateur photographers, some are professionals, and the common thread among them is both of the classes love their equipment. Photography is an expensive hobby, let alone leave the profession because sometimes the expense goes beyond the imagination. Travel photography is exciting but pretty much hectic. It is not easy to carry your backpack with additional bag packed with all your photography equipment. Some of the best travel photographs are spontaneous affairs but still those who love the detailing of this art, do not take any chance. Your photography kit must have some basic equipment tripod, lens, polarizer, and GorillaPod grip to make sure you do not miss any golden opportunity. Here is best five photography equipment that won’t weigh you down during your travel.

1.    Compact Cameras

This is the best shot if you really love to travel and believe in capturing image in your heart. Sometimes you need photos to show to your friends and family or any other use, so carry a compact camera. Don’t listen to purists because if you are really not into photography too much, carrying a DSLR with lenses is a heavy affair. You can carry a small digital camera or smartphone with a good megapixel and zoom quality.

2.    Mini-tripod

A tripod is best to take distant subject, and close-ups. You can concentrate the focus on just on the right frame. If you travel with good camera and lenses, it is better to carry a mini-tripod for more steady shots. You can get plenty of time to frame the subject, adjust your focus according to light and use the timer function so that camera won’t shake when you press the button. For long exposure in night or in low daylight condition, a tripod is essential.

3.    Remember your watch

Nature gives photographers always a second chance to catch something they just missed because of time. What if you just know when to take the photos with appropriate lighting, or capture subject in softer light, or capture a deepening subject with over-expose glare of sun just after dawn. All these things can only possible if follow your humble wristwatch. A professional photographer is particular about time, know exactly the weather conditions, and always alert to find the exact light to shoot the best of all. Everything begins with a watch.

4.    Zoom Lens & SLR Polariser

Two most dangerous subjects are animals and kids. Both are tempting to move impulsively, so it is always a better idea to carry your zoom lens if you try to shoot any of those. A mini-tripod fitted and zoom lens is an excellent pair to capture subjects from a distance. A polariser is an essential if you want to capture subject on sun glare. It nullifies sun glare on objects, reflections and water and deepening color of water and sky.

5.    Multi-shot mode and GorillaPod grip

Even a low budget DSLR camera has a sports mode or multi-shot feature. The multi-shot feature allows you to shoot photographs per second and thus increase your chances to get a decent one. Sports mode allows you to capture image with fast movement so that it won’t get blurred.

This guest post is contributed by Joydeep Chaudhuri who is a professional photographer. All photographs in this post are captured by him, and you can find his more work in his Facebook page Joydeep - The Focus

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