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Triund Trek: Serenity In The Lap Of Dhauladhar

“Will you accompany me for the trek?”

“Yes I will.”

Philip speaks less and slow, but firm in his conviction. I remember the days when we used to have dinner together in the evenings, and chatted for long. I was spending some wonderful times in Dharamkot – a perfect place for spending time in woods, reading, chatting and wonderful weather to say at least. I met this Austrian guy who was spending his time in Iyenger Yoga and studying Hindi. I remember when I asked him where he was from and after hearing the reply I said Austria always reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He later told me he was expecting Mozart.

triund peak dhaladhar himalayas

I was quite determined to go to Triund during my stay in Dharamkot. As I always prefer to hike alone but this time I asked Phillip to accompany me and he had willingly agreed.  He only asked to start it early, and that was quite early for me to say. Probably after thousands of years, I woke up so early at 5 am, and when I reached the meeting point ‘Himalayan Chai Shop’, Phillip was already there. 

A local making thread from goat's wool
Initially I thought 7 km was not a big deal, but gradually I realized the toughness in this route. The first 20-25 minutes made me perspiring and panting even in 8 degree centigrade. After half an hour we reached plane road. The respite was for a brief moment and soon we were again hiking on steep and rocky path. The ambiance was not lush green, no flowers only some occasional reddish hues of the summers. Sky was not clear quite likely to rain any time.

After 2 hours of strenuous walk we stopped at a café. This was the first and last café en route. We decided to sip some tea but backed off after seeing the price. The ambiance was not green like monsoon, but had more sedating greenish cover with occasional colorful flowers. The early morning chill and thin air were refreshing. We occasionally came across other hikers, small caves and dilapidated settlements with bunch of goats.

triund at himachal pradesh

Philip was striding fast with his long legs; my progress was rather slow and tedious. The lethargic lifestyle of months and smoking was showing its colors. We were a bit worried about clouds but I had an intuition that we would reach our destination without any hindrance. Couple of days ago we heard about a Japanese girl how she stuck in the rain during her trek and almost going to die in hypothermia until one British guy Iain rescued her back to Dharamkot. The weather was humid and my lone bottles was quickly getting empty. Nevertheless, our tiredness was vanishing with every turn might Dhauladhar became clearer with snow filled peaks.

The last stretch was becoming more and more tiresome because of long term of habit of stay in home and sedentary lifestyle of mine. Slowly climbing while motivating myself at looking up at the Triund was the only way to reach the final point. Suddenly the weather did a volte-face and sky was covered with dark cloud and light drizzle all over. Phillip had already reached the place and I was 10 minutes late, walking with a Greece guy. Finally when we reached the place, we saw a wide field with clear view of Dhauladhar, a few dogs, two small shacks and a few people around. 

triund trek in himachal pradesh
Clear sky from Dharamkot

Triund Trek Factoid

Triund Trek is 7km from Dharamkot and 9km from Mcleodganj. If you start from Mcleodganj, you can save time and energy by hiring an auto to Dharamkot. It is always better to carry less and trek early. There is no need to pack lunch etc. because en route you find one café and at Triund there are two shacks selling food and necessary items.

How much time it will take it reach Triund?

It depends on you pace but ascent will take all around 4-5 hours. You can’t walk fast because 90% of path is steep ascending on a rocky pathway. If you want to spend the whole day, start early and return back before dark. Or you can carry your tent or hire tent and sleeping bag at Triund.

What you need for the trek?

If you are not habituated with moderate treks in Himalayas, it is better to carry lots of water and glucose. Carry some warm clothes even in summers. A good hiking boot is must plus a stick if possible.

Best time for the trek

Although lots of trekkers actually hike in summers, it is the best for a nice trek. Avoid monsoon and if you really want to experience challenges and lots of snow, try winter.

Guide for trek

Not essential. If you plan to spend a few days in Triund with foods, ration etc. you can find porters from Mcleodganj.

Go beyond Triund

Another 2km from Triund and reach Snowline. From Snowline you can go to Chamba via Indrahaar Paas.

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