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Why I Fall In Love With Hawaii? Explore Beaches, Hotels & Historical Places In Hawaii

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Hawaii is the northernmost Polynesian island group occupying the biggest part of the Pacific archipelago, and among the last state to join the USA. I love this destination because it enables me to meet different types of people including tourists, biologists and wind surfers. In addition, I love the diverse natural scenery made up of many active volcanoes, oceanic surroundings, and magnificent beaches, as well as the warm tropical climate. I have visited Hawaii many times, both for business reasons and for vacation. The following are some of my favorite locations.

My Favorite Beaches in Hawaii

Hanalei Bay, Kauai: This beach is located to the north of Kauai. This beach has a golden sand on its lush, waves that very gentle during summer and easy to manage during winter. The pier to far north end is my favorite location due to its great views of the waterfalls, mountains, and lush foliage. I also enjoy watching swimmers, paddle boards, kayaks, surfers, and the St. Regis Hotel from this point. A large part of the bay has many homes, which I usually rent when I go for a getaway.

Lumahai, Kauai: Lumahai is small, but gorgeous non-swimming beach located north of Kauai. I love this beach because it is isolated, thus making it very peaceful and gorgeous. Reaching it is an exciting trek through a muddy trail that leads off the road to the west of Hanalei. Lumahai is a tropical fantasy that I usually think of when I travel to Hawaii.

hawaii beach

Kailua, Oahu: Many calendars and postcards have featured this beach over the years. The green-blue waters, white sands, and sloping drop-off are my best attractions to this beach. However, there are rarely crowds here because of the distance from the Waikiki tourism crush. In recent years, Kailua has experienced severe erosion, but the Hawaiian authorities are working to save this natural beauty. I hope to visit it again soon.

My Favorite Hotels in Hawaii

Waimea Plantation Cottages: Preservation and history are my passion and this is why I love sleeping in these cottages when I visit Hawaii. The cottages were initially plantation houses in Kauai that the state has relocated. This beach has coconut palm groves and is at the end of southwest Kauai. These bungalow-style cottages now have kitchens after restoration in the 20th century.

Waimea Plantation Cottages

Mauna Kea Hotel: This hotel did not please me very much during my first visit. Back then, it was an extremely "old money" and sedate concrete modernist hotel. After all, Laurence Rockefeller opened it as a playground to host his rich friends. However, the open and airy layout that was created by the famous architecture firm in New York known as Skidmore, Merrill, and Owings, has made Mauna Kea among my favorite hotels over the years.

My Favorite historical Spots in Hawaii

Pearl Harbor: This is a lagoon harbor located on Oahu, west of Honolulu. A large portion of the harbor is a deep-water naval base for the US Navy, and home to the Pacific Fleet. I love Pearl Harbor because of its rich history, especially its role in the World War II. The island of Oahu represents revenge, disaster and treachery after Japan's attack on Dec 7, 1941.

In my many visits to Hawaii, I have had the chance to visit its many attractions. Even then, I am still convinced there are many others that I haven't discovered. US citizens do not require an ESTA application in order to travel to Hawaii. Therefore, make your travel arrangements today.

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