Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Traveling Alone Is Not Just A Vacation?

My travels are always a social and cultural education, not just derived from specific places, but also through fellow travelers. It’s true until you experience certain things, you can always assume things but never reach the heart of it. You can voice the classical argument that you do not have to taste the soup in order to know the recipe. However, in real cases we don’t know the recipe even if we taste the soup, but we cling to our argument without experiencing anything. Here how we will see it the whole thing like we know our assumption about certain things will bring nothing, but we are still in the same way, just to satisfy our morbid ego. Traveling is not an exception in respect to other aspects of life.

People think traveling alone, staying in solitude means thinking about oneself too much. On the contrary, aloneness brings a peaceful state of mind, when you are not thinking about your worries, hurdles in whatsoever forms. It also means you are not relating your worries with other people around you. It could be anything; your relationships, finance or even religious. 

A lonely cycle at Digha's beach
When you travel alone, you think far away from the superficial things, and go deeper into things. The usual things will pop up in the mind, but it does not cover the whole of it because you are busying thinking about the solution rather than the problem. This is the common reason most people take vacation. However, I have observed in vacation people drag their problems in their head. Travel can’t be an escapism; most of the cases it is, but when you stay alone at certain places, mix with people, talk to fellow travelers, you gradually think less about yourself, and look at things more openly.

mohan cafe kasar devi uttarakhand
At Mohan's Cafe in Kasar Devi (Uttrakhand)
If anyone travels just to escape, it gives a strange fatigue after certain period of time, and it drags them back to home. This happens with most of us, but with overland travelers, they are not much concerned about themselves so they can leave their homes, and come far off the land.

There is another part of travel called freedom. I think a traveler must be free before he or she travels. Traveling without an attachment gives a certain kind of freedom to ‘see’ things. It is not the other way round. One problem in traveling as same as other parts of life is thinking. When we see something new, we think this is new, but all those ‘new’ things what we experience is just another thought of ours. We feel something, may be happy or miserable but in either way we try to cling unto it. Technically whatever we see, we aren’t actually seeing it as a new, but a projection of our old thoughts. Obviously, we don’t remember it, but it comes before us because it has to be there in the same way it should be.

on the way to tapovan trek
Me resting on the way to Tapovan
When we try to think something, either it is agreed with our “learned” thoughts, or doesn’t agree with it. Either we approve it, or disapprove, but there is a possibility that ‘something’ is entirely a different subject. So, thinking doesn’t do well at all; things must be coming up in its natural course, you take, see it, worry or happy about it, and finally leave it. There are millions of other thoughts waiting for us to attend.

When we all in our usual life of struggle for existence, we stuff ourselves with worrisome thoughts. Sometimes, we go for some cheap entertainment, or sometimes travel. But our obsession with our thoughts is so intense, we always ‘think’ about it. A true traveling is ‘take life as it comes’ where the main motto is to get the experience and live by it.

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  • Escaped Tripster says:
    February 16, 2014 at 2:32 AM

    Traveling alone is totally different from traveling with at least another person. Solo trips can be awesome, but they require a lot more courage and careful planning.

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