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10 ways to save money while traveling in India

Well, if you are a backpacker, whether you are in India or anywhere else, a factor that always peeps in your back of your mind – budget. I experience in most of my travel that saving money during travel paved way to such paths, which opened some incredible experiences. For example, I stayed in village homes instead of hotels, ate food that otherwise cost me lots of money in some restaurant. In Dharamkot, I asked my hotel lady to cook for me because in restaurant the cost of one meal was around Rs.150, whereas I gave her Rs.50 and relished some home-made food.

So, there are many ways you can save money while traveling in India, only thing is you need to know the smart way, and aware of your surroundings.

1. Bargaining is mantra in India

Whether you are booking a room or buying something on streets, bargaining is the weapon to save money. If you are smart enough to deal with people, you can bring down the price of many things. Only thing, make sure you research the place and culture before traveling.

2. Experience Indian Railways

A fellow traveler once eulogized the Indian railway system. I was first amazed to hear that because I never liked Indian Railways for various reasons, but his logic was quite correct. Indian Railway has almost every imaginable trains traveling to nook and corner of the country, and most of them are damn cheap. Only thing is you need to fight hustle of railway, book a ticket and carefully look after your belongings. Do not make friends in trains and talk to any suspicious person. Follow your guts and believe in your instinct, and you save a lot of money.

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3. Carry your own food

Although Indian restaurants are not so expensive, still it is better to carry your own food. Sometimes it happens you are stuck in someplace where only restaurant there and they charge exorbitant amount for food. Also carrying food is healthy plus a food security, especially in mountains I always carry some sort of dry food and some chocolates.

4. Aware of car rental and hire diesel cars

Ignorance is certainly not a bliss when you try to hire a car in India. There is no fixed price and it depends on same day return, night halt and other factors. Diesel cars have less rental charge than petrol.

5. Travel overnight or sleep on night

It is an excellent way to cut off cost of staying hotel. This also helps to buy more time to see things and activities. However, make sure you travel by train or at least good sleeper buses. For the record, don't buy tickets from shady people for deluxe buses in night.

6. Do not touch your mini-bar

Many hotels in India have mini-bar in the room; it is a temptation whose result comes with a huge bill.

7. Use budget hotels for stopovers

If you spend most of your time outside, then it is better to opt for budget hotels, mostly backpacker hotels where you will get minimum facility, but in excellent cheaper price.

8. Mix with locals

Mixing with local people to know more about the destination, and also find ways of cost-cutting is a great way to save money in your travel. Learn a bit of local language and also don't fall into the trap of rogues.

9. Spend more time in one place

Instead of quick hopping from one destination to another, stay in one place for longer period of time. This will curtain your cost because Indian hotels give heavy discount for longer staying tourists. Moreover, you can learn more about the place, imbibe in the local culture, understand many things, which anyway you will never understand by traveling in various places in quick succession.

10. Share transport costs

When you travel, trying finding fellow travelers who are in the same destination. This way you can share taxi cost and also find interesting conversation en-route. Also refrain yourself from phone calls; cut your roaming cost.

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