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Pragpur – Plan a trip to India’s first heritage village in Kangra Valley

Located in the exotic Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh in India, this small and enchanting village is renowned for its traditional and cultural values. Founded in the 16th Century by the Kathiala Soods to remember the Princess of Prag Dei of the Jaswan Royal Family, Pragpur is India’s first Heritage Village. Preserved by traditional and cultural values, it’s enriched with shops dates back hundreds of years, cobble stoned streets, old water tanks, walls plastered with mud and houses with slate roofs. 

Plan your weekend vacation for Pragpur and take home memories that you are sure to relish all your life! Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word Prag which means Pollen and pur which means full of. To translate with more meaning, the land full of pollens! The name in itself highlights the beautiful blossoms that bloom especially during the spring season. The Garli Village located nearby is also included in the heritage zone. The rich flora attracts tourists from across the globe that plans their weekend vacation for Pragpur.

Village tank in Pragpur
Located in the heart of the Pragpur Village, The Judges Court is an ancient mansion which is now a hotel maintained by the second grandson of Justice Sir Jai Lal who was the second Indian to become a Judge of the Punjab High Court. This ancestral house dates back to over 300 years. This heritage hotel with its traditional infrastructure and Anglo Indian styled architecture is surrounded by rich landscape, exotic flora and hills. Preserved and well maintained by its caretakers, this resort is surrounded with 12 acres of flora and is a short walk from the village core and Taal. 

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The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage is another famous tourist attraction that is well preserved for over a decade with its traditional values. The values of this village are protected by its heritage community to preserve the traditional essence and its uniqueness. All construction activities can only commence with the approval from this committee and recently the village inhabitants have donated over 10 acres of land to the state government to preserve the Sanskrit Veda Preet. Houses also have a special code of color which enhances the ambience of this village. 

judge court in pragpur village kangra valley
Judge's Court in Pragpur Village
The Lala Rerumal Haveli built in the year 1930 by the Rais of Pragpur is another famous tourist attraction with its Mughal Style Garden, a beautiful water reservoir and a terrace to relax and enjoy the fresh air that surrounds. During your weekend vacation for Pragpur, ensure that you do not miss out on the Butail Mandir where you can pray, the Chaujjar Mansion, the Courtyards of the Sood Clans, The ancient Shakti Mandir and Atiyalas that preserves the essence and heritage of this village. Your weekend vacation for Pragpur is sure to enrich you with memories that you can share with folks once you get back! Pragpur is home to natives and ensure that you respect the village tradition as your own and follow all practices that do not hurt their sentiments. 

How to reach Pragpur

pragpur heritage village in kangra valley map
Pragpur Map
The place is easily accessible through trains, buses and even flights. The nearest railway station is Una, which 67km from Pragpur. From there you can either find a taxi (cost approximately Rs. 1200 – 1500) or bus, which directly comes to the village.

The nearest airport is Dharamsala but you won't get so many flights from various cities of India. So, it is better to land in Shimla, which is 203 km from Pragpur, from there you can take taxis to reach the destination. 

You find regular buses from Chandigarh, both AC and non AC types. You can also take buses from major cities in Punjab such as Amritsar. The government bus fare is inexpensive around Rs. 140-170 and takes around 4 hours to reach there.

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