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Working Abroad Vistas While You Travel Abroad

If you really want to get away and see the world but know that you don’t have the finances, one option could be to earn as you go. Working while you’re at a destination, from bar work to teaching English, also brings you other benefits asides from a wage. It’s a fantastic way of making friends while you’re overseas plus you often gain a completely different cultural perspective – rather than just being another tourist you become part of a community.

What sort of job?

There are lots of job opportunities overseas, but not all of them are particularly well paid or skilled. The first thing that you need to decide is whether you want a job to provide a bit of extra spending money in your pocket, or whether this is going to fund your whole trip. There are many countries including the U.S where you can find a gap year job. For the U.S apply visa online and contact give them the reason of gap year for your visit. You’ll also need to think about whether you want your work to be career and CV-enhancing, and how long an in what conditions you’re prepared to work, as this will seriously affect your job chances.

Types of odd jobs while traveling


childcare while traveling odd jobs

There are lots of nanny or au pair opportunities overseas, so if you love your kids but don’t want to teach, this could be a great option for you. You could take on a private placement for a specific family. The bonus of this that you’re likely to be able to live-in and so get free board and a room, but this of course also means that you’re more likely to be on the job most of the time.

Another option is to join a large tour operator, which always needs a crèche rep on board. However, you search for the job, you’ll need to be organized and arrange your placement in advance, as it’s unlikely that simply showing up a country and trying to find childcare work will bring much success.

Fruit picking

fruit picking job gap year

This is the ideal sort of job if you just want to earn some extra cash while you’re away rather than feeling tied to one place through contract work. Although the pay is low, it’s a popular option as its outdoors, often in the sunshine and great if you’re with a friend or want to meet fellow travelers. Australia has lots of fruit-picking jobs, with most on offer in the summer months. You will be filling buckets full of fruit and are paid at the end of the day per bucket; it’s unusual to be paid by the hour. The downside of the job is that it’s physically demanding and the farms are often in remote areas. It’s important to check that there is a hostel in the area where pickers can stay, or whether the farm provides accommodation, although this isn’t the norm.


A kibbutz, found in Israel, is a form of communal living traditionally based on agriculture but can also include things like factories too. All property is community owned, any income is shared within the kibbutz and everyone dines together. You could find yourself doing anything from cleaning the loos and milking cows, to working on an orange grove and preparing fish. There are currently 256 kibbutzim in Israel made up of around 106,000 people, so there’s lot of potential to find work and meet people from all over the world. Apart from a flight to Israel, the only other thing you’ll need to shell out for is a small administration and insurance fee to the Kibbutz Volunteers Office in Tel Aviv, where you need to register before going to your kibbutz.

Summer camps

summer camp travel

The U.S and Canada are the top places for summer camp work and are extremely popular with young Brits. The lack of a language barrier is an immediate plus, working with kids is a fun option and accommodation and food is provided.

Summer Camp USA is one of the most well-known schemes, and offers 19-35 year olds the chance to spend eight or nine weeks between May and August teaching kids activities. You don’t need specific qualifications, but you’re likely to be given a placement to suit your skills and supervise children from 6 to 16.

Teaching English

english teaching while traveling

One of the popular job choices while traveling abroad is teaching English. Not only is it a relatively well-paid form of work, it’s also a fantastic way to get involved in a community and provides a good social network from the moment you land.

In order to get a proper placement, you to invest in a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) course and get a certificate.

The plus side of English is that you get a fixed contract,, anything from three months to two years; often have accommodation supplied by your employer; earn a steady income which can fund your trip and onward sightseeing adventures’ total immersion in another culture; and you get to meet like-minded teachers on your course and probably in your place of employment. It also looks good on your resume.


Some travelers work illegally, picking up the odd job here and there to pay their way, but if you’re looking at earning more than the odd bar shift, you need to get your paperwork in order. Before you take the plunge a key thing to find out is: what is the economy like of the country you want to work in? The laws of the country are often designated to protect the country’s economy and workforce.

Try to get a written offer of work. If you’ve secured an offer of work from an employer who feels you are essential to them, they are likely to be more persuasive of the authorities than a speculative applicant. Work out how long you are going to want to stay in a country – shorter visas and work permits are easier to obtain than longer ones.

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