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A collection of 5 must have travel apps while you traveling in India

India, by its very nature, complex and diversified and its cultural richness and a salmagundi of religion, culture, languages, geography and climates create a mesmerizing effect on travelers, sometimes though sorely enjoyable, still a new experience always. Many people travel to this nation in search of new experiences, relieving certain complexities of their own lives, but it is essential to know the little intricacies of this country.

In this technological era, there are lots of apps available that give you plethora of options, suggestions and advice while traveling, but the question is what are the apps that best suitable for you. So, here are top five apps that help you while traveling in India.

1. Google Maps

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A quintessential apps for travel and navigation solution. The service gives you free mapping and navigation solution to users globally and it is quite useful in Indian geography as well. Some exciting features of Google Maps are:
  • Allows you to search for places, even remote places are also available in this app
  • Navigation
  • 3D maps
  • Indoor Maps
  • Calculate routes plus travel time, directions and public transportation
Google Maps is especially an excellent app in India because it allows you to access mapping information without the need of Internet. You can save data, and access later on when it is needed.

2. Redbus
Buses are not so comfortable but there are Volvo and other deluxe buses through you can travel long distances. Contrary to popular belief, buses are quite safe. I travel most of the time through buses and except one incident of engine failure, I never faced any problem. Moreover, you can book bus any time rather than railway pathetic system. is a popular bus booking website where you can find the longest list of destination. You can use the application to find out the bus and destination and easy way to book. The app also gives you travel time, bus seats, sometimes original bus photos, and other small factors. The app not only covers popular destinations but also encompasses small cities and towns.

3. Ngpay

There are many standalone apps for train and air plane bookings in Google Play Store, but the Ngpay has its unique attraction because of its smooth tackling of multiple booking and ticketing. What you can do with Ngpay:
  • You can book railway ticket, air ticket and even movie ticket with ease.
  • Ngpay allows online shopping from selected stores all over India
  • You can recharge your phone of all known service provider
  • You can save your information to speed up the transaction process or you can also have an option to feed it every time.
4. Triplt

The blueprint of any travel is its itinerary, without a proper itinerary the travel becomes a haphazard affair. You may plan many things but it will turn out to be a sloppy mistake if you don't prepare an itinerary. Triplt is a good app to unburden this problem of yours, creating your itinerary according to the data you feed. It acts like your personal travel organizer, taking data from Triplt server and sync it with apps like Calendar and Maps.

You need to add travel details and mail it to and the app will create the best possible itinerary with all details including weather details. You don't need to feed comprehensive details, and also you can share your travel plans with people you know.

5. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular website for reviews and suggestion forums. The app is also helpful where you can find everything you need to find about your getaway spot. The reviews are mostly genuine and the moderators in the company do their best effort to bring genuine and trusted reviews.

With more than 50 million reviews and suggestions by travelers, you will find plenty of suggestions about where to eat, sleep, etc. wherever you travel. TripAdvisor a free app and helps user to find hotels, restaurants and attractions in any part of India.

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