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Varanasi Kinaram Ashram culls from conceptual Aghoris lifestyle

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If your basic understanding about Aghor sect is spooky; some black robbed insidious sadhus who eat flesh and meditate upon a dead body, then you must visit once to Aghori Ashram in Varanasi, popularly known as Baba Kinaram Ashram. The first thing I notice while entering Baba Kinaram Ashram was two big skulls erected on the entrance. Like ordinary people, I had a predetermined mind set about Aghori, expecting them to stay aloof in the temple. I had seen one Aghori (flesh eating) on Harishchandra Ghat once, who had some ulterior tie-up with domes (people who are officially assigned to burn bodies on ghats), used to gather remains after a body burnt down. Baba Kinaram Ashram was different – the serenity perplexed me, like many other Hindu temples, the place was calm, surprisingly neat and clean. It was not much different from conventional Hindu temples, but with an odd starkness.

The founder of the Ashram was Baba Kinaram who initiated by his guru Adi Guru Dattatreya at Kamandal Kund at the top of Girnar mountain in Gujarat. Adi Guru Dattatrey Ji Maharaj ordered his disciple to move to the ordinary world to serve the sufferers of the society. While returning back, he visited Hingalaj, a Shaktipeeth, now situated in Pakistan. Legend says, he got a vision of Shakti Goddess who suggested him to go Harishchandra Ghat in Kashi. This way he first came to Kashi thereafter he stayed here till his Samadhi. The place was very relaxed, and I had to work for some time. Surprisingly internet was pretty smooth, and while I was enjoying magnificent and charismatic Varanasi, if work interrupted by any chance, I accessed Windows desktop in Cloud from anywhere through CloudDesktopOnline.com. The hosted SharePoint  through CloudAppsPortal.com

It is a concept, somehow true because of large number of Aghoris follow the same that they don't care about anything. They usually don't get hungry and never touch flour and salt. They may be some reasons behind this but most of the Aghoris are notorious for their skanky food habit such as human flesh, urine, stool and everything. 

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In a true sense, Aghor is not any centralized sect, religion or any extremity. It is a stage, or a state of mind where everything is Shiva, means pure. Many people associate Aghoris with Kaapalik, Saankalya, and others. Of course, the path of Aghoris is quite extreme because of their shocking rituals and methods. They meditate at cremation ground, as people mistakenly think that cremation ground where they get dead bodies. The fact is, the cremation place where the body journeys to its very end, is diffused with a certain form of energy. The place where people come up with sorrow and dejection, a partial realization of life's greatest truth. The funeral ground is overwhelmed with an energy of dejection and peace. That's the true reason why Aghors meditate on the cremation ground.

The common Hindu philosophies quite contradictory with Aghoris in general. The truth lies in in between two extreme paths of Aghor. The common conception is Aghoris drink liquor, smoke marijuana, eat flesh and use a human skull as a drinking bowl. They wander around funeral pyre and don't have any sex inhibition. There are many sadhus you may find leading the exact lifestyle. Nevertheless, the Aghori's true culture too often stigmatized with this dark conception.

tantrik workship in tarapith
Tantrik Workship in Tarapith (West Bengal)
Is there any truth about Aghori sect? Well, I have seen lots of sadhus, some seemed very normal, usual types, a few radiant positive energy and displayed great knowledge. I met aghoris too. I understand with my limited knowledge that Aghor path is not complicated. On the contrary, it is a simple and easy path but the irony is, simplicity is hard to attain. There is no fixed rule for this sect because truly speaking it is just a state of mind where resign yourself to Shiva. This is a tough stage altogether because it is extremely difficult to resign yourself truly to an abstract conception. A true Aughar doesn't behave like a stage artists with skulls and human bones all around him, wearing typical dress, living day and night in cremation ground, eating flesh all the time. One who has realized this stage automatically becomes simple and polite, full of affection and merciful because he sees Shiva in everything.

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    Namaste, I have send email to this email address, info@aghorpeeth.org, as I wanted to book a room in the ashram from the 16th July till the 22nd July, and till now I have not received any reply, it's been days now. Can someone please assist me on this. Could I please have the contact number and who to contact in regards to this. I would appreciate your reply on this. My email address is, dollysethi@hotmail.com. Best regds,Dolly

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    Gentlemen could you please tell me the truth of this temple about aghori baba because of i want to visit this ashram very soon in my life.

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