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A day well spent in Digha beaches

I wish to speak about some sauntering, in fact some sort of Bohemian spirit, albeit for a brief moment, imprinted a long-lasting memory. The first time when I heard about roaring waves of sea, I felt a bit strange because in that roar I found a peace. I am a mountain man. I love mountains for various reasons but the principle reason is of course a peculiar sense of calmness and a feeling of freedom, to clear some rust that I acquire during my tedious duty of work and daily living. Nevertheless, rolling sea waves created such feeling inside that I confessed I was astonished at the power of endurance – said nothing but to awkwardly look at the waves for couple of hours.

It was a day trip from the village, escapade in rural Bengal. It was couple of hours journey to Digha – the quintessential beach destination of Bengalis. Earlier I never found such places very exciting, simply because of rush and atmosphere that typically smells commercial. Perhaps I was fortunate or  I went at the wrong time of season. Digha was totally empty, not literally of course, but the amount of rush I was expecting, not quite visible.

Digha is divided into parts – old and new Digha. New Digha is relatively calm and beaches are not too crowded. It is also near the railway station and for fun loving people it has lots to offer like adventure sports, eating joints, souvenir shops etc. Old Digha on the other hand has that rustic charm, with hordes of food joints, cheap hotels, some cheap bars and people of course.

Beaches in Digha

Talsari Beach

It is nice and pristine beach, 9km from New Digha situated in Odissa border. Talsari Beach is a sea hinterland where fishermen bring fish to sell. There are small boats taking tourists from beach to a nearby island, it’s a nice experience during low tide when many people reach the island by mere walking through the sea. If you have time then walking is the best way to explore things, otherwise there are hired bikes that take you inside of the sea.

Udaipur Beach

This is another solitary beach, 3km from New Digha along Odissa border. There are small tea joints where you can enjoy the sea waves along with tea. There is no such rush like Old Digha and if you wish, you can visit the nearby Kaju Forest.


River mohana ( Subarna rekha river with Bay of Bengal ) is a place of fishermen, walking distance from New Digha. Summers when fishing activity is stopped, so if you go at the time, there is no point going there.

Shankarpur Beach

The beach is out of town, around 15km from main Digha town, so you need to hire a cab or own a car to drive to that place. If you are coming from Kanthi, Shankarpur Beach comes first near Choudamiles area along the Digha Kanthi Road. The morning time is generally high tide time, so you can watch some ferocious waves of Bay of Bengal. The place is quite serene with one or two hotels. It is better if you pack you lunch and spend some time near the beach.

What to do in Digha

  • Enjoy Bengali customized seafood in different food joints spread across Old Digha. The food is cheap and prepared well. You can also enjoy good Continental food in expensive restaurants. Try Bengali fish cuisines like Pomfret, Bhetki, Tiger Prawns and crabs.
  • Enjoy evening walks along with gusting sea winds. Don't forget to capture incredible pictures of Digha sunset.
  • Shop shell jewellery, local hand-woven mat in vibrant colors, cottage crafts and conch shells, favorably from near Chandreshwar Temple.
  • Pay some money to a local fisherman and venture into sea for fishing. These fishermen most of the time go deep inside the sea for fishing, so you can enjoy the thrill of fishing and depth of sea.
  • New Digha Beach is the best place for swimming. The beach is flat and water is not so turbulent.
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