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A few personal favorite films for your travel inspiration

I am a movie buff, though most of us called ourselves so, there is difference however.  Movies, books and music, these three elements greatly inspire me to do lots of things. I remember once I was determined to leave my home, possessions everything and ready for itinerant traveling. Things didn't work the way I wanted but the ignition came from a movie called ‘Into The Wild’. I had watched that movie 36 times, and every time I was watching with a different dimension, different philosophy albeit with the same mood. Well, I guess I am not alone who get inspired from a movie; that is the reason motion pictures have such as incredible impression in our mind for years. Here I am citing top six movies that are my personal favorite, not just because these films are based on traveling, but some great lines carrying life’s wisdom, with fascinating cinematography in some films, and even background music creates a sense of exploration in the mind of travelers.

Into The Wild

into the wild photo lonely

“It’s not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong.”

A true story about a young and smart guy, Christopher McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp, moved me and lots of people like me. I showed this film to everybody who came to home and wished to watch a film. The movie accentuated with excellent music score, dialogues and some wonderful cinematography.

The guy Christopher was a philosopher who indulged himself in reading books and questioning his identity. After his tedious duty of graduation from Emory University (ranked well to get scholarship for Harvard) he donated his college fund ($26000) and cut his credit card and social security and hitchhiked through various parts of the US. His ultimate quest for human freedom and his spiritual liberation led him to Alaska wilderness where he spent his last days.

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One More to the Bus 142

The movie is visually fascinating and the narration leaves audience a big question. Was Christopher right in his approach or was it just a romantic folly of 24 year old young rebellion. The emotional impact of this film is even greater than the philosophy behind the life of Supertramp. Needless to say, Emily Hirsch in the protagonist role put everything to reflect real life Christopher McCandless on reel life.

Motorcycle Diaries

motorcycle diaries

“What we had in common - our restlessness, our impassioned spirits, and a love for the open road.”

Two apparently looking blokes started their journey of 5000 miles in South America and with their trip, a transformation occurred within these two. This film is not just a road journey but a story of revolution and staunch idealism with an outstanding direction. The film forces people to think about real issues, to see world around themselves apart from their tiny “worlds”.

The story centers around two young doctors from Buenos Aires who took motorcycle ride a bit seriously, to explore the continent and gradually exploring themselves within. With their journey, they eventually realized the futility of human existence and dived deep into different societal and humanitarian issues.

Personally I like the movie not because it shows the young life of legendary Che Guevara, but because of it shows how a young man can transform with gradual stages of life, and how traveling plays a pivotal part of this whole transformation.  The best part of the entire movie is the gradual building up the drama and changing theme of traveling to budding revolutionary ideas.

Straight Story

straight story photos

“Well, the worst part of being old is rememberin' when you was young.”

Directed by legendary David Lynch, this is somehow a different travel story, not essentially a man to travel after seeing this film, but certainly inspires a lot how old age can be defied with a strong sense of self-belief. The lyrical portrait of Alvin Straight who traveled 260 miles on a lawn mower to meet his brother sounds crazy for 74 year-old man, but the true story tells some life’s earned wisdom and sense of love of life.

The film’s cinematography earns lots of accolades. The background score what I feel is the best part of the film that gives a fantastic acceleration.  An unusually straightforward film from Mr. Lynch, a director known for his bizarre and surrealism, the film demands a bit patience but rewarding in the end with a peacefulness.

Easy Rider

easy rider photos

“They'll talk to ya and talk to ya and talk to ya about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em.”

The film reflects late 60s and early 70s hippy movement with psychedelic trips and lots of talking about individual freedom. A personal favorite, this film obviously inspires to travel, more importantly travel with a sense of freedom. The movie goes with two misfit individuals in the society who do illegal job to travel to Mardi gras in New Orleon. They are wild, they are free, they are smoker and they ride kickass bikes; what else you need from a film. There is more than bikes, smoking and travel, a deep message to society to accept the unconventional people out of them.

Easy Rider is not a travel movie; it’s a hippy movie with an element of travel. The acid trip in the movie is the best part of the film; in fact it is best representation of acid trip so far in the movies. Along with Dennis Hooper and Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson quirky humor gives a hippy state of mind and experience.

Hideous Kinky

“Hello darling, where did you spring from?”

Not so popular movie in the travel genre, the movie captures my imagination with some beautiful shots and fantastic acting. The film is about a mother and two daughters who travel from London to Morocco. A typical storyline of 70s British free thinkers who used to travel without much in their pocket. The small adventure, new experiences and cultural diversification along with their travel make this movie a worthwhile.

Kate Winslet gives a solid performance along with Carrie Mullan. The story begins with a young English hippie woman who along with her two young daughters embarks to a journey to Morocco. The movie is simplistic without any convolution but deep inside it asks the fundamental question of human freedom, in search of spirituality, to break the shackles of conventional life.

Before Sunrise

“I like to feel his eyes on me when I look away.”

Two people met on a train in Austria. They started talking. They dropped midway in Vienna. They liked each other. They spent a whole night together exploring various parts of Vienna. And they separated. Before Sunrise is not exactly a travel movie; it is part travel, part romantic, part philosophical, part drama. If you are a solo traveler and feel to meet someone (opposite sex) with whom you can share something, meeting of the minds, lots of talking, this is the right movie.

Like many other Richard Linklater movies, this film is devoid of convoluted plot, no drama but lots of dialogue and sublime romanticism. Julia Delphy is lovable in this movie and perfectly suited to her role, while Ethan Hawke, a rather confused guy gives his one of the best performances.  The sexual attraction obviously present but it doesn’t destroy the depth of the movie. The timing of certain scenes, for example when both were listening booth of a music store, where each on looks at the other and then look away, was so neatly done.

The film as for me, is not an essentially a travel movie that inspires you to travel, but it is a wonderful movie to understand the relationships, traveling companionship and freedom.

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