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Places to Shop and Restaurants to Look for in Singapore

Travelers do have a craze for buying stuff from different countries to keep them as a piece from their memories related to that place. People also love to try the different types of cuisines when they visit a country. That’s one way to learn about the country they visit. Here is a list of places to shop at and also a list of places to have food at in Singapore.

Where to shop in Singapore

1. Orchard road: This is the main shopping area of the country. The place is lined up with malls which are connected by underground tunnels. Look for branded clothes, bags and fashionable accessories.

china town singapore

2. Chinatown: If you want things at a really reasonable price, Chinatown is the place for you. There are rows of shops selling items in cheap prices. Buy souvenirs for your loved ones and also a Chinese satin robe for yourself.

3. Marina bay: Marina bay area view is going to stun you. Along with the three luxurious hotel buildings, it also has some malls which sell branded and really fashionable items.

4. Mustafa centre: This is found in the “Indian area” of Singapore and is also known as Little India. Electronic products can be found at great prices, you will be left amazed by their cost.

5. Holland village: It has great shops for handicrafts and arts. You can buy second hand books, antiques, handicrafts and gift items.

Popular Restaurants in Singapore

1. Iggy’s at the Hilton Hotel: The place offers you unique flavors and textures. The seasonal ingredients are from Europe, Japan and Australia. No wonder, the food tastes perfect. It has been on the best restaurants list since it opened.

2. Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands: People wishing to try European or Japanese menu will definitely want to visit this once. The cost may seem high but the efforts of the chefs and the flavors are worth it.


3. Gunther’s: Reinterpret the classic dishes and flavors with this fine dining restaurant. Located on the swanky Purvis Street, the chef won his first award within two years of the opening of Gunther’s.

4. JAAN, at SwissotelThe Stamford: May be your stomach will be full by just having a look of the view from JAAN. The cuisine from the young French chef adds to the points of the restaurant and makes it a must visit.

5. Shinji: The Shinji Kanesaka is probably the best Japanese meal you can have in Singapore. Still need another reason? Well, you can also see how your food is prepared.

So, if you are planning your next vacation in Singapore add these to your list for a happy experience. Do comment if you came across some better places during your visit.

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